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  • Externe Monographien

    Targeted Pricing and Consumer Data Sharing among Rivals

    Düsseldorf: Düsseldorf Institute for Competition Economics, 2012, 46 s.
    (DICE Discussion Paper ; 60)
    | Nicola Jentzsch, Geza Sapi, Irina Suleymanova
  • Diskussionspapiere 1216 / 2012

    Location, Location, Location: Extracting Location Value from House Prices

    The price for a single-family house depends both on the characteristics of the building and on its location. We propose a novel semiparametric method to extract location values from house prices. After splitting house prices into building and land components, location values are estimated with adaptive weight smoothing. The adaptive estimator requires neither strong smoothness assumptions nor local ...

    2012| Jens Kolbe, Rainer Schulz, Martin Wersing, Axel Werwatz
  • Diskussionspapiere 1214 / 2012

    Trade and the Environment: The Role of Firm Heterogeneity

    This paper derives a new effect of trade liberalisation on the quality of the environment. We show that in the presence of heterogeneous firms the aggregate volume of emissions is influenced not only by the long-established scale effect, but also by a reallocation effect resulting from an increase in the relative size of more productive firms. We show how the relative importance of these effects, and ...

    2012| Udo Kreickemeier, Philipp M. Richter
  • SOEPpapers 619 / 2013

    Spitzeneinkommen zwischen ökonomischem und normativem Marktversagen: marktorientierte und soziale Legitimation von Topmanager-Gehältern

    Die Ungleichheit der Einkommensverteilung hat nicht zuletzt deshalb stark zugenommen, weil die Bezieher von Spitzeneinkommen überproportional hohe Einkommenszuwächse erzielten. Vor allem der mittlerweile immense Abstand der Gehälter von Topmanagern zu den von Normalverdienern wird in Öffentlichkeit und Wissenschaft intensiv diskutiert. Der vorliegende Beitrag stellt die Topmanager-Vergütungen in den ...

    2013| Hagen Krämer
  • Diskussionspapiere 1342 / 2013

    Crop Failures and Export Tariffs

    We analyse a stylized model of the world grain market characterized by a small oligopoly of traders with market power on both the supply and demand side. Crops are stochastic and exporting countries can impose export tariffs to protect domestic food prices. Our first results is that export tariffs are strategic complements and that for poor harvests equilibrium tariffs can explode (shedding some light ...

    2013| Pio Baake, Steffen Huck
  • Diskussionspapiere 1338 / 2013

    From Boom to Bust? A Critical Look at US Shale Gas Projections

    US shale gas production is generally expected to continue its fast rise. However, a cautious evaluation is needed. Shale gas resource estimates are potentially overoptimistic and it is uncertain to which extent they can be produced economically. Moreover, the adverse environmental effects of ever more wells to be drilled may lead to a fall in public acceptance and a strengthening of regulation. The ...

    2013| Philipp M. Richter
  • Diskussionspapiere 1335 / 2013

    Price Guarantees, Consumer Search, and Hassle Costs

    The paper deals with the competitive effects of price guarantees in a spatial duopoly where consumers can search for lower prices but have to incur hassle costs if they want to claim a price guarantee. It is shown that symmetric equilibria with and without price guarantees exist but price guarantees will have no effect on prices if search costs are low, hassle costs are high and the number of uninformed ...

    2013| Pio Baake, Ulrich Schwalbe
  • Externe referierte Aufsätze

    From Boom to Bust? A Critical Look at US Shale Gas Projections

    U.S. shale gas production is generally expected to continue its fast rise of the last years. However, a cautious evaluation is needed. Shale gas resources are potentially overestimated and it is uncertain to what extent they can be economically produced. The adverse environmental effects of ever more wells being drilled may lead to a fall in public acceptance and the strengthening of U.S. regulation. ...

    In: Economics of Energy and Environmental Policy 4 (2015), 1, S. 131-151 | Philipp M. Richter
  • FINESS Working Papers 3.4 / 2009

    What's Banking Sector Concentration Got to Do with Private Equity Market?

    The paper investigates the link between bank concentration and a country's buyout market. We perform a macro level analysis for 15 European countries during 1997-2007. We estimate the elasticity of the country i's buyout market to country i's concentration in the banking sector. Our major finding suggests that the more concentrated the banking sector is, the better it is for the size of the buyout ...

    2009| Oleg Badunenko, Saloni Deva, Dorothea Schäfer, Michael Viertel
  • Externe referierte Aufsätze

    Targeted Pricing and Customer Data Sharing among Rivals

    It is increasingly observable that competitors in different industries share customer data, which can be used for targeted pricing. We propose a modified Hotelling model with two-dimensional consumer heterogeneity to analyze the incentives for such sharing and its ensuing welfare effects. We show that these incentives depend on the type of customer data and on consumer heterogeneity in the strength ...

    In: International Journal of Industrial Organization 31 (2013), 2, S. 131-144 | Nicola Jentzsch, Geza Sapi, Irina Suleymanova
818 Ergebnisse, ab 791