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  • DIW Economic Bulletin 10 / 2012

    Research-Based Companies Perform Better

    The past ten years have seen an expansion in industrial research. There has been a significant increase in the number of research-based companies, as well as in employment in research and development, and in expenditure in this area. Growth has been observed predominantly in companies in less research-intensive sectors and in small and medium-sized enterprises. Consequently, over the last decade, industrial ...

    2012| Alexander Eickelpasch
  • DIW Economic Bulletin 10 / 2012

    Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises are Catching up: Seven Questions to Alexander Eickelpasch

  • Diskussionspapiere 1236 / 2012

    Appropriate Technology, Human Capital and Development Accounting

    Over the past decade, research explaining cross country income differences has increasingly pointed to the dominant role of total factor productivity (TFP) gaps as opposed to factor accumulation. Nevertheless, it is a widely held belief that a country's ability to absorb and implement technologies is tied to its human capital. In this paper, we implement this idea in a novel specification and explore ...

    2012| Areendam Chanda, Beatrice Farkas
  • DIW Wochenbericht 35 / 2012

    Forschende Unternehmen schneiden besser ab

    Die industrielle Forschung hat in den vergangenen zehn Jahren expandiert. Sowohl die Zahl der forschenden Unternehmen als auch die Beschäftigung in Forschung und Entwicklung und die finanziellen Aufwendungen in diesem Bereich haben deutlich zugenommen. Zuwächse gab es vor allem bei Unternehmen in den weniger forschungsintensiven Branchen und bei kleinen und mittleren Unternehmen. Die Industrieforschung ...

    2012| Alexander Eickelpasch
  • DIW Wochenbericht 35 / 2012

    Kleine und mittlere Unternehmen holen auf: Sieben Fragen an Alexander Eickelpasch

  • Diskussionspapiere 1200 / 2012

    Persistence and Cycles in US Hours Worked

    This paper analyses monthly hours worked in the US over the sample period 1939m1 - 2011m10 using a cyclical long memory model; this is based on Gegenbauer processes and characterised by autocorrelations decaying to zero cyclically and at a hyperbolic rate along with a spectral density that is unbounded at a non-zero frequency. The reason for choosing this specification is that the periodogram of the ...

    2012| Guglielmo Maria Caporale, Luis A. Gil-Alana
  • Vierteljahrshefte zur Wirtschaftsforschung 4 / 2012

    Nachhaltige Innovationen in der Landwirtschaft: komplexe Herausforderungen im Innovationssystem

    Innovationen in der Landwirtschaft sollen dazu beitragen, künftige Herausforderungen wie den Klimawandel oder Ressourcenknappheit zu bewältigen. Zudem stehen sie im Zentrum gesellschaftlicher Debatten, wie etwa aktuell über die Gentechnik oder über bestimmte Tierhaltungsformen. Der Beitrag liefert unter anderem Hinweise, inwieweit Ursachen für diese Konflikte in den Rahmenbedingungen und im Ablauf ...

    2012| Bettina König, Anett Kuntosch, Wolfgang Bokelmann, Alexandra Doernberg, Wim Schwerdtner, Maria Busse, Rosemarie Siebert, Knut Koschatzky, Thomas Stahlecker
  • FINESS Working Papers 3.2 / 2010

    Private Equity, Corporate Governance and Out-Performance of High-Growth Firms

    The paper investigates how Private Equity (PE) ownership influences out-performance of a high-growth firm, and whether it differs from the effect of two other important types of financial investors: banks and non-bank financial firms. We transform the levered return on equity into a unlevered return and empirically test on some 30 thousand high growth European firms whether Private Equity' or other ...

    2010| Oleg Badunenko, Moritz Fabien Karber, Dorothea Schäfer
  • Diskussionspapiere 1128 / 2011

    Does Quality Make a Difference? Employment Effects of High- and Low-Quality Start-Ups

    This paper investigates the impact of new firms' quality on the magnitude of their employment effects. Our results clearly show that the quality of start-ups, measured by their affiliation with sectors and innovative industries, strongly influences the direct and the overall employment contribution of new firms. In particular, start-ups in manufacturing industries generate larger direct and overall ...

    2011| Michael Fritsch, Alexandra Schroeter
  • Materialien 12 / 2002

    Humankapital und innovative regionale Netzwerke: theoretischer Hintergrund und empirische Untersuchungsergebnisse

    2002| Hansjörg Drewello, Ulrich G. Wurzel
1086 Ergebnisse, ab 1021