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Emissionshandel für den Luftverkehr: internationaler Widerstand gegen den Alleingang der EU

Die Europäische Union hat zu Beginn des Jahres 2012 den Luftverkehr in den EU-weiten Emissionshandel einbezogen. Dabei wendet sie eine Regelung an, die sich weltweit auf die Luftverkehrsunternehmen auswirkt, denn erfasst werden sämtliche Flüge, die in EU-Staaten starten oder landen. Die Reaktionen aus dem Ausland sind heftig. China droht mit einem Handelskrieg, Russland mit dem Entzug von Überflugrechten. ...

In: SWP-aktuell (2012), 55, 4 S. | Susanne Dröge, Philipp M. Richter
SOEPpapers 498 / 2012

International Migration as Occupational Mobility

We investigate whether Germans immigrants to the US work in higher-status occupations than they would have had they remained in Germany. We account for potential bias from selective migration. The probability of migration is identified using life-cycle and cohort variation in economic conditions in the US. We also explore whether occupational choices vary for Germans who migrated as children or as ...

2012| Dean R. Lillard, Anna Manzoni
SOEPpapers 469 / 2012

Long-Distance Moves and Labour Market Outcomes of Dual-Earner Couples in the UK and Germany

Chances are high that partners in dual-earner couples do not receive equal occupational returns from long-distance moves, because job opportunities are distributed heterogeneously in space. Which partners are more likely to receive relatively higher returns after moves? Recent research shows the stratification of returns by gender and highlights the importance of gender roles in mobility decisions. ...

2012| Philipp M. Lersch
SOEPpapers 459 / 2012

Explaining Reurbanization: Empirical Evidence of Intraregional Migration as a Long-Term Mobility Decision from Germany

Following the discussion on reurbanization (changing intra-regional migration patterns), our research project treats transport-related consequences of this spatial development in German city regions. The hypothesis is that reurbanization bears potential to spread environmentally friendly ways of organizing daily mobility - but that the chance ofthose positive effects might be given away, if policy ...

2012| Gesa Matthes
SOEPpapers 448 / 2012

Migrant's Pursuit of Happiness: The Impact of Adaption, Social Comparison and Relative Deprivation; Evidence from a 'Natural' Experiment

The German reunification, which several economists have called a 'natural' experiment, provides the unique possibility to inquire the impact of migration on subjective well-being (SWB). The main goal of the research is to assessing the impact of adaptation, social comparison and relative deprivation on the change in SWB associated with moving from Eastern to Western Germany after the German reunification ...

2012| Silvia Maja Melzer, Ruud J. Muffels
SOEPpapers 237 / 2009

Einkommensmessungen in Haushaltspanelstudien für Deutschland: ein Vergleich von EU-SILC und SOEP

Analysen zu Einkommensungleichheit, Armut und Mobilität in Deutschland basieren überwiegend auf den Mikrodaten der amtlichen deutschen Stichprobe der European Union Statistics on Income and Living Conditions (EU-SILC) und des wissenschaftsgetragenen Sozio-oekonomischen Panels (SOEP). Dabei kommt den EU-SILC-Daten neben ihrer Relevanz für die nationale Berichterstattung eine große internationale Bedeutung ...

2009| Joachim R. Frick, Kristina Krell
SOEPpapers 221 / 2009

Increased Opportunity to Move up the Economic Ladder? Earnings Mobility in EU: 1994-2001

Do EU citizens have an increased opportunity to improve their position in the distribution of earnings over time? This question is answered by exploring short and long-term wage mobility for males across 14 EU countries between 1994 and 2001 using ECHP. Mobility is evaluated using rank measures which capture positional movements in the distribution of earnings. All countries recording an increase in ...

2009| Denisa Maria Sologon, Cathal O'Donoghue
SOEPpapers 295 / 2010

Multidimensional Measurement of Richness: Theory and an Application to Germany

Closely following recent innovations in the literature on the multidimensional measurement of poverty, this paper provides similar measures for the top of the distribution using a dual cutoff method to identify individuals, who can be considered as rich in a multidimensional setting. We use this framework to analyze the role of wealth, health and education, in addition to income, as dimensions of multidimensional ...

2010| Andreas Peichl, Nico Pestel
SOEPpapers 588 / 2013

The Intergenerational Dynamics of Social Inequality: Empirical Evidence from Europe and the United States

Based on nationally representative data from the German Socio-Economic Panel (SOEP), the Panel Study of Income Dynamics (PSID), and the British Household Panel Survey (BHPS) we analyze the intergenerational transmission of economic and social (dis-)advantages in Germany, the United States and Great Britain. We test with the hypotheses that the extent and the determinants of intergenerational income ...

2013| Veronika V. Eberharter
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