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  • Sonstige Publikationen des DIW / Monographien

    Distributional Effects of Imputed Rents in Seven European Countries: AIM-AP National Report for Germany ; Part of the Research Project "Accurate Income Measurement for the Assessment of Public Policies" (AIM-AP) Funded by European Commission

    2008| Joachim R. Frick, Markus M. Grabka, Timothy M. Smeeding, Panos Tsakloglou
  • Diskussionspapiere 860 / 2009

    Liquidity and Asset Prices: How Strong Are the Linkages?

    The appropriate design of monetary policy in integrated financial markets is one of the most challenging areas for central banks. One hot topic is whether the rise in liquidity in recent years has contributed to the formation of price bubbles in asset markets. If strong linkages exist, the inclusion of asset prices in the monetary policy rule can eventually limit speculative runs and negative effects ...

    2009| Christian Dreger, Jürgen Wolters
  • Sonstige Publikationen des DIW / Monographien

    Gesamtwirtschaftliche und strukturelle Auswirkungen von Veränderungen der Struktur des Öffentlichen Sektors: Schwerpunktthema im Rahmen der Strukturberichterstattung 1983

    1984| Bernd Bartholmai ; Oskar de la Chevallerie ; Volker Meinhardt ; Frank Stille ; Dieter Teichmann ; Dieter Vesper
  • FINESS Working Papers 7.4 / 2009

    Monetary Policy Transmission and House Prices: European Cross Country Evidence

    This paper explores the importance of housing and mortgage market heterogeneity in 13 European countries for the transmission of monetary policy. We use a pooled VAR model which is estimated over the period 1995-2006 to generate impulse responses of key macroeconomic variables to a monetary policy shock. We split our sample of countries into two disjoint groups according to the impact of the monetary ...

    2009| Kai Carstensen, Oliver Hülsewig, Timo Wollmershäuser
  • SOEPpapers 186 / 2009

    Factors Influencing Tenure Choice in European Countries

    Homeownership rates are very different across European countries. They range from below 50% in Germany to over 80% in Greece, Spain or Ireland. However the differences lie not only in the overall homeownership rates but also in its structure, and this is the focus of this paper. Its aim is to study the impact of microeconomic factors on household's tenure choice, using a cross-country comparative approach. ...

    2009| Monika Bazyl
  • Externe Monographien

    Lebenslagen im Wandel: Determinanten kleinräumlicher Mobilität in Westdeutschland

    Frankfurt/Main [u.a.]: Campus Verl., 1996, 285 S.
    (Sozio-ökonomische Daten und Analysen für die Bundesrepublik Deutschland ; 9)
    | Joachim R. Frick
  • Externe referierte Aufsätze

    A State Space Model for Berlin House Prices: Estimation and Economic Interpretation

    Hedonic regression has become the standard approach for modeling the behavior of house prices. Usually, the common price component is modeled via dummy variables. Based on an approximation for the present value, we deliver an economic interpretation of the common price component. This allows to include explanatory factors like inflation rates, mortgage rates and building permissions. The notional rents ...

    In: Journal of Real Estate Finance and Economics 28 (2004), 1, S.37-57 | Axel Werwatz, Rainer Schulz
  • Diskussionspapiere 283 / 2002

    Gaining Access to Housing in Germany: The Foreign Minority Experience

    Housing is a critical component of household well being and the extent to which minority households have achieved parity with Germans is a measure of the extent to which this population is integrated into the larger German society. Specifically we examine whether the housing conditions for immigrants2 has improved between 1985 and 1998 despite the greater barriers to upward mobility for low skill workers ...

    2002| Anita I. Drever, William A. V. Clark
  • Externe referierte Aufsätze

    Noise Expectations and House Prices: The Reaction of Property Prices to an Airport Expansion

    We examine the effects of an airport expansion on the prices of houses and apartments located under the planned flight paths. We focus on the role of expectations of aircraft noise during the expansion of Berlin-Brandenburg International Airport. The publication of the flight paths can be seen as an exogenous event. It provides local residents and potential home buyers with reliable information in ...

    In: The Annals of Regional Science 52 (2014), 3, 763-797 | Konstantin A. Kholodilin, Andreas Mense
  • Externe Monographien

    Using Tax Incentives to Support Thermal Retrofits in Germany

    The German government has committed to reducing the primary energy demand of buildings by 80% by 2050 and to attaining a thermal retrofit rate of 2%. Achieving both goals will require deep thermal retrofits across the existing building stock. To meet this challenge, the government is exploring what role tax support options could play in encouraging thermal retrofits and ensuring that they deliver the ...

    Berlin: CPI ; DIW, 2011, 7 S.
    (CPI Report)
    | Karsten Neuhoff, Hermann Amecke, Aleksandra Novikova, Kateryna Stelmakh, Jeff Deason, Andrew Hobbs
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