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  • Diskussionspapiere 2052 / 2023

    Estimating Mode Choice Inertia and Price Elasticities after a Price Intervention – Evidence from Three Months of almost Fare-free Public Transport in Germany

    This study analyses the behavioural response of travellers on a temporal reduction of public transport prices in Germany through the so-called 9 Euro Ticket during summer 2022. The focus is on the inertia effect, e.g. the resistance to change behaviour, on people's travel mode decisions for commuter trips. We estimate mixed logit models for nearly 7,000 commuter trips, based on GPS-tracking data collected ...

    2023| Maria Fernanda Guajardo Ortega, Heike Link
  • Referierte Aufsätze Web of Science

    Uncertainties in Estimating Production Costs of Future Nuclear Technologies: A Model-based Analysis of Small Modular Reactors

    Predicting future costs of technologies not yet developed is a complex exercise that includes many uncertain parameters and functional forms. In that context, small modular reactor (SMR) concepts that are in a rather early development stage claim to have cost advantages through learning effects, standardized design, modularization, co-siting economies, and other factors, such as better time-to-market ...

    In: Energy 281 (2023), 128204, 17 S. | Björn Steigerwald, Jens Weibezahn, Martin Slowik, Christian von Hirschhausen
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    Competition and Moral Behavior: A Meta-Analysis of Forty-Five Crowd-Sourced Experimental Designs

    Does competition affect moral behavior? This fundamental question has been debated among leading scholars for centuries, and more recently, it has been tested in experimental studies yielding a body of rather inconclusive empirical evidence. A potential source of ambivalent empirical results on the same hypothesis is design heterogeneity—variation in true effect sizes across various reasonable experimental ...

    In: Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America 120 (2023), 23, e2215572120, 10 S. | Christoph Huber, Anna Dreber, Jürgen Huber, Felix Holzmeister, Levent Neyse...
  • Weitere referierte Aufsätze

    Gesundheitsdaten: Von Nachbarländern lernen

    In: Wirtschaftsdienst 103 (2023), 11, S. 737-740 | Martin Fischer, Hendrik Jürges, Stefan Mangelsdorf, Simon Reif, Hannes Ullrich, Amelie Wuppermann
  • Referierte Aufsätze Web of Science

    Gravity Models for Potential Spatial Healthcare Access Measurement: a Systematic Methodological Review

    Background Quantifying spatial access to care—the interplay of accessibility and availability—is vital for healthcare planning and understanding implications of services (mal-)distribution. A plethora of methods aims to measure potential spatial access to healthcare services. The current study conducts a systematic review to identify and assess gravity model-type methods for spatial healthcare access ...

    In: International Journal of Health Geographics 22 (2023), 34, 22 S. | Barbara Stacherl, Odile Sauzet
  • Referierte Aufsätze Web of Science

    Equipping the Offline Population with Internet Access in an Online Panel: Does It Make a Difference?

    Online panel surveys are often criticized for their inability to cover the offline population, potentially resulting in coverage error. Previous research has demonstrated that non-internet users in fact differ from online individuals on several sociodemographic characteristics. In attempts to reduce coverage error due to missing the offline population, several probability-based online panels equip ...

    In: Journal of Survey Statistics and Methodology 12 (2024), 1. S. 80-93 | Ruben Bach, Carina Cornesse, Jessica Daikeler
  • Servicehinweis

    SOEPcampus@DIW Berlin: Präsenzworkshop am 8./9. Februar 2024

    Am 8. und 9. Februar 2024 organisieren wir einen zweitägigen Präsenz-Workshop zum Sozio-oekonomischen Panel (SOEP) am DIW Berlin. Der Workshop wird in deutscher Sprache abgehalten und neben Vorträgen zur Datenstruktur, zum Stichprobendesign und zur Gewichtungsstrategie werden auch praktische Übungen angeboten, um einen praxisorientierten Zugang zu den SOEP-Daten und ein Verständnis für deren Potenzial ...

    10.01.2024| Sandra Bohmann, Janina Britzke
  • Diskussionspapiere 2047 / 2023

    Combining GPS Tracking and Surveys for a Mode Choice Model: Processing Data from a Quasi-Natural Experiment in Germany

    This paper deals with the data generation process implemented for an analysis of the impact of the 9-Euro ticket on mode choice. We discuss the assumptions made and procedures used to process a raw dataset that is based on GPS traces of individuals’ movements and on survey data into the choice-set for a discrete choice model. Several steps of cleaning and merging are described in order to a) obtain ...

    2023| Heike Link, Dennis Gaus, Neil Murray, Maria Fernanda Guajardo Ortega, Flavien Gervois, Frederik von Waldow, Sofia Eigner
  • Externe Monographien

    Best Practice for Performing Case Studies for the European Energy System in Transition (Deliverable D6.3)

    2023, 25 S.
    (Open Entrance)
    | Sandrine Charousset, Ryan O'Reilly, Andres Ramos, Franziska Holz.....
  • Externe Monographien

    Case Study Results (Deliverable D6.2)

    2023, 220 S.
    (Open Entrance)
    | Sandrine Charousset, Nadia Oudjane, Ryan O'Reilly, Franziska Holz.....
2098 Ergebnisse, ab 21