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Marriage, the Risk of Overeducation, and Selection into Both: Evidence from Germany

Two competing theories of social support and role specialization have been invoked to explain how marital status affects labour market outcomes. Whereas evidence of beneficial labour market outcomes among married men and employed married women favours a social support perspective, evidence of married women’s reduced labour market participation corresponds to a role specialization perspective. We make ...

In: European Sociological Review 38 (2022), 1, 73-87 | Maik Hamjediers, Paul Schmelzer

Sector switching in Germany

Wechsel des Beschäftigungssektors im Laufe des Berufslebens, d. h. der Wechsel vom privaten in den öffentlichen Sektor oder umgekehrt, sind häufig, wurden bisher jedoch kaum untersucht. Mit Daten des Sozio-oekonomischen Panels für Deutschland gebe ich Einblicke in diese Sektorwechsel. Außerdem analysiere ich, ob sozio-demografische Merkmale oder Einstellungen die Wahrscheinlichkeit, den Sektoren zu ...

Erlangen und Nürnberg: Friedrich-Alexander-Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg, 2021,
(Discussion Paper No. 122)
| Stephanie Prümer

Determinants of Lifestyle Choices Among South Korean College Students: An Experimental Analysis

Purpose: Based on theoretical predictions from human capital theory, the aim of this exploratory study is to analyze the relationship between experimentally elicited, incentivized economic preference parameters, Big Five and Grit personality traits, cognitive ability, and the Alameda Seven lifestyles: smoking, drinking excessively, being overweight or obese, experiencing stress, following a healthy ...

In: Risk Management and Healthcare Policy 15 (2022), 93-105 | Donata Bessey

Estimation of Conditional Random Coef<U+FB01>cient Models using Machine Learning Techniques

Nonparametric random coefficient (RC)-density estimation has mostly been considered in the marginal density case under strict independence of RCs and covariates. This paper deals with the estimation of RC-densities conditional on a (large-dimensional) set of control variables using machine learning techniques. The conditional RC-density allows to disentangle observable from unobservable heterogeneity ...

(ArXiv preprint arXiv:2201.08366)
| Stephan Martin

The Household, Income and Labour Dynamics in Australia (HILDA) Survey

This paper provides a brief summary of the Household, Income and Labour Dynamics in Australia (HILDA) Survey, a nationally representative household panel survey. It describes the survey’s key design features, provides an overview of its content, and reports on response rates and sample sizes. It also highlights a few examples of research utilising the data, discusses two challenges currently facing ...

In: Jahrbücher für Nationalökonomie und Statistik 241 (2021), 1, 131-141 | Nicole Watson, Mark Wooden

Suffering and Prejudice: Do negative emotions predict immigration concerns?

This paper examines the role of individuals' emotions in determining their concerns about international migration. For the empirical analysis, we construct an index of negative emotions (NE index) from previously less explored information on individuals' self-reported frequency of experiencing anger, fear, and sadness in the German Socio-Economic Panel data. The results indicate that a higher NE index ...

(SSRN Working Paper)
| Sumit S. Deole, Yue Huang

Reducing Risk as well as Inequality: Assessing the Welfare State's Insurance Effects

Leading accounts of the politics of the welfare state focus on societal demands for risk-spreading policies. Yet current measures of the welfare state focus not on risk, but on inequality. To address this gap, this letter describes the development of two new measures, risk incidence and risk reduction, which correspond to the prevalence of large income losses and the degree to which welfare states ...

In: British Journal of Political Science 52 (2022), 1, 456-466 | Jacob S. Hacker, Philipp Rehm

Potential pathways for the future development and sustainability of the InGRID research infrastructure

This document lays out some potential pathways for the future development and sustainability of the InGRID research infrastructure. It is a summary and compilation of key documents prepared under the InGRID-2 project and its work plan, including three strategic notes on data, methods and policy.

Leuven: Integrating Research Infrastructures for European expertise on Inclusive Growth from data to policy (InGRID), 2021,
(Deliverable 7.9)
| Karolien Lenaerts, Monique Ramioul, Kenneth Nelson, Stephanie Steinmetz, Albert Esteve, András Gábos, István György Tóth, Janna Besamusca, Charlotte Articus, Ralf Münnich, Natalie Shlomo

Dualized Labor Market and Polarized Health: A Longitudinal Perspective on the Association between Precarious Employment and Mental and Physical Health in Germany

This study analyzes the longitudinal association between precarious employment and physical and mental health in a dualized labor market by disaggregating between-employee and within-employee effects and considering mobility in precariousness of employment. Analyses were based on the German Socio-Economic Panel from 2002 to 2018 considering all employees ages 18 to 67 years (n = 38,551). Precariousness ...

In: Journal of Health and Social Behavior (online first) (2022), 00221465211066855 | Timo-Kolja Pförtner, Holger Pfaff, Frank J. Elgar

Adult tertiary education and migrants’ coping strategies in the German labour market

Literature on returns to education and labour market outcomes has been increasingly focusing on skill missmatch with regard to migrants? integration and adaptation processes. Researchers have studied the efficacy of official validation of prior skills as well as participation in training and vocational programmes as valid resources to expand labour possibilities in the host country. Fewer studies, ...

In: Studies in Continuing Education (online first) (2021), | Esteban Perez-Gnavi
14089 Ergebnisse, ab 31