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Documentation of SOEP-Core (SOEP Survey Papers)

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Notes on the use of this site

  • The questionnaires of SOEP-Core before 2012  can currently only be found under the type of questionnaire 'Survey Instruments', since we have not published the respective questionnaires separately.
  • The letters to the respondents and the interviewer's instructions can be found under the type of questionnaire 'Accompanying Instruments'.
  • The field versions of the personal and household questionnaires usually also contain the English version (but you can find them only on the German version of this site).
  • The search field above ('Enter SOEP search term') searches the titles of the documents on this page.
  • A complete list of all documents and studies can be found under Documentation of SOEP Studies
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381 results, from 1
381 results, from 1