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SOEP-in-Residence – Our guest program

Our SOEP-in-Residence guest program allows visiting researchers to work with sensitive, small-scale regional datasets that can only be accessed from secure computers located at the SOEP Research Data Center.

The program also welcomes SOEP data users who would like support from experts at DIW Berlin in working on research projects with the SOEP data.

Special guest programs are available for early-career researchers and student interns.

Data protection legislation requires that all access to small-scale regional data be provided from secure computers at the SOEP Research Data Center. Regional data include:

  • Country codes (Kreiskennziffern)- remote access via SOEPremote available upon request
  • District codes (Gemeindekennziffern)
  • Postal codes
  • Microm neighborhood data
  • Geo-coordinates

For more information, please contact:

Our SOEP-in-Residence program welcomes researchers who would like support and advice from experts on our team in working on research projects with SOEP data. Guest researchers are provided with office space (as available) and data access, and are invited to present the results of their research at DIW Berlin during their stay.

Various types of research stays are provided:

  • Short-term research stays (from a few days to a month)
  • Long-term research stays for PhD students (from a month to a year) who have financing through a grant or scholarship from outside organizations.
  • Long-term research stays for post-docs, senior researchers, and professors who would like to spend a sabbatical or research semester working in the SOEP at DIW Berlin.
  • Research stays at the SOEP in cooperation with other research institutions. Here, guests work directly with a SOEP team member.

For further information please contact our colleague Maximilian Müller with some basic details such as SOEP supervisor, possible dates of stay, institution, funding, etc.

The SOEP has a special guest program for early-career researchers, the SOEP Visiting Young Scholar Program (VYSP). Every year, for our guests in this program, we may pay part of their travel and accommodation expenses for up to three-month research stays at the SOEP. Researchers below the age of 35 who are planning research projects involving SOEP data are invited to apply.

Applicants to the SOEP Visiting Young Scholar Program (VYSP) should submit a CV and a brief description of the research project (three pages maximum). The application should state the planned time frame and the SOEP dataset that will be used in the project. Researchers who take part in this program are expected to publish their findings as a SOEPpaper within three months after the end of their research stay.

Applications may be submitted at any time. Please keep in mind that we need some months to process your application!

For an application, please contact Janina Britzke.

Students who have some experience with SOEP data are welcome to apply for an internship with the SOEP. Preconditions are a completed bachelor’s degree in economics, sociology, psychology, or statistics and prior confirmation of mentorship from a member of the SOEP team.

Applicants should submit a letter detailing their thematic interests in the SOEP data and experience with standard statistical software packages (SPSS, Stata, R, SAS).

Please apply via the website.



Philipp Kaminsky, and Antonia Meier
User support and contract management for the Research Data Center of the SOEP in the German Socio-Economic Panel study Department