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Please contact our hotline via e-mail under if you need help on

  • contractual issues
  • conditions for SOEP data use
  • our data offer and how to order
  • how to use the data.

You may contact the SOEPhotline by telephone as well: +49 30 89789 - 292


Philipp Kaminsky
Philipp Kaminsky

SOEPhotline, Data-Transfer, Contract-Management in the German Socio-Economic Panel study Department

Antonia Meier

Specialist for market and social research in the German Socio-Economic Panel study Department

Project Coordination

Scientific Press

Verena Neumann
Verena Neumann

Knowledge Transfer and Communications Officer in the German Socio-Economic Panel study Department

Guest Programm

SOEP Crosscountry



Janina Britzke: Managing SOEPpapers and SOEP Survey Papers


Documentation and Reporting of Publications with SOEP data in SOEPlit – Literature Database in the German Socio-Economic Panel study Department

The 'soep-l' mailing list is a service of the SOEP group for the rapid circulation of (up-to-date) information among SOEP-data users and all those interested in the Socio-Economic Panel longitudinal study. Soep-l notifies the members of the list of additions and updates to the SOEP homepage (e.g. the quarterly edition of the SOEP-newsletter); it also provides information on conferences and symposium activities (call for papers) which are (in)directly related to the SOEP, as well as on any job vacancies of interest.

Last, but not least, the mailing list serves as an information platform within the group of SOEP-data users from which they can share the "smaller" or larger problems of longitudinal data analysis with each other, as well as provide the SOEP-group with suggestions for improving the service. So don't hesitate to play an active role in this discussion forum.

Subscribing to the list

Unfortunately by now the description to become a member of the list is only available in German.

We appologize very much for this inconvenience.

Unsubscribing from the list

To unsubscribe from the list send an email to:, Subject: unsubscribe soep-l

Additionally we provide the SOEPnewsletter list in English language, which is restricted to news about the SOEPnewsletter and news on the data distribution. If you want to get this news, please subscribe here.

Das Sozio-oekonomische Panel
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How to visit us by different means of transport.

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