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Our SOEP Publications

Whether analyses from around the world with SOEP data, news about SOEP studies, or documentation - on this page we will guide you to the offers from the SOEP or with our data.

The SOEP team in Berlin collects the publications from all over the world in which SOEP data play a role. We make them available here in a filterable and searchable form.


The SOEPpapers are our own working paper series, in which we publish non-exclusively, but Open Access  the research results made available to us.  The papers are based on SOEP data either directly or as part of an international comparative dataset (for example CNEF, ECHP, LIS, LWS, CHER/PACO).


From the questionnaire to the weighting to the data set description. Everything we can document in PDF documents about the data, you will find in the SOEP Survey Papers.

You can find the latest SOEP news on data, projects, events, and people in compact form in our SOEPnewsletter.

On almost 100 pages, the SOEP activities of each year are presented in a compact and descriptive form. You will learn which new projects have begun, who works at and with SOEP, what services we offer, and everything about data preparation and fieldwork.

2011 to 2018 under the name Wave Report and always in English.

SOEP Annual Reports