SOEP Codebooks (v30)

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SOEP Codebooks (v30, data 1984-2013)

 Dataset Description link
$P Variables from personal questionnaires codebook_v30_p | PDF, 77.57 MB
$H Variables from household questionnaires codebook_v30_h | PDF, 26.64 MB
$PGEN Generated person-level variables codebook_v30_pgen | PDF, 14.98 MB
$HGEN Generated household-level variables codebook_v30_hgen | PDF, 7.02 MB
$PKAL Generated calendar variables from $P codebook_v30_pkal | PDF, 41.15 MB
$PEQUIV Generated person-level variables for international comparison codebook_v30_pequiv | PDF, 43.06 MB
$KIND Generated child variables (person-level) codebook_v30_kind | PDF, 4.92 MB

 (February 2016)

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