Report , News of 27 March 2015

Fifth SOEP-identical survey of the Berlin Aging Study II (BASE-II) completed

The fifth wave of the Berlin Aging Study II (BASE-II), which used the SOEP questionnaire, surveyed 2,232 individuals in 1,536 households. The BASE-II sample was recruited successively and is now complete. There are five waves of BASE-II survey data available for 86 respondents; four waves for 51 respondents; three waves for 913 respondents; two waves for 1,028 respondents; and one wave for 1,236 respondents. The pool of respondents who have stated willingness to participate in the next wave contains approximately 2,500 individuals. This means that over 2,000 respondents can be expected to participate in the next wave. It remains to be determined when this wave will take place.

Project homepage:

The part of the BASE-II project that is being conducted at DIW Berlin as a related SOEP study (SOEP-RS) is described here.