Reports , News of 30 September 2015

Call for questions: Refugees in Germany – A topic of the 2016 SOEP survey

A short additional module will be included in the 32nd wave of the SOEP dealing with the unabated influx of refugees into Germany in recent months. In addition to the standard SOEP question asking respondents about their concerns regarding immigration to Germany, as well as the regular questions on racism and xenophobia in Germany, we plan to add new questions about civic engagement, donations, and practical aid to refugees within the last year and about willingness to accept more refugees to Germany and to provide asylum.

If you would like to suggest any additional questions on the topic of refugees (ideally short questions due to the limited space available in the survey, but also questions that might be considered marginal due to their length) that would be relevant to your current or future research and that you think would make sense to include in SOEP 2016, we would be happy to hear from you.