Reports , News of 6 June 2016

Data in the data set KIDLONG updated

In the file with generated longitudinal data on children (KIDLONG) in SOEP-Core v31.1 another correction had to be implemented: Some few data that only had been asked in the FiD study were missing.

This applies to the variables KA06$$ (Activities for children below the age of 6) and KA16$$ (Activities for children aged 6 to 16).

If you want to analyze these variables there are three ways to use the corrected data:

  1. You use the original data from SOEP-Core (in the files $$KIND)
  2. You use the data set KIDL in SOEPlong (there the data had been implemented correctely)
  3. You may ask for the correct data set KIDLONG at our hotline (). We can provide you with an individualized download link.

We also like to inform you that the documentation of the recent KIDLONG data set just has been published.