Reports , News of 8 February 2017

Awards for SOEP researchers

Ralph Hertwig, cognitive psychologist at Berlin's Max Planck Institute for Human Development, has received the 2017 Funding Prize in the Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz Programme from the DFG (German Research Foundation) for his work on the psychology of human judgment and decision-making. Ralph Hertwig is the fourth SOEP data user to be awarded this distinguished research prize: he was preceded by Ulman Lindenberger, Armin Falk, and Lutz Raphael. The SOEP group will be working with Hertwig on the “Origins and Determinants of Risk Preferences” project, which is financed by the Max Planck Society and will run until 2021. A joint publication on the subject has already been published based on SOEP data:

Josef, Anika K., David Richter, Gregory R. Samanez-Larkin, Gert G. Wagner, Ralph Hertwig and Rui Mata. 2016. Stability and Change in Risk-Taking Propensity Across the Adult Life Span. Journal of Personality and Social Psychology 111, No. 3, 430-450. (doi: 10.1037/pspp0000090).

The 2016 Joachim Herz Award for Economics in the category "Best Project of a Senior Researcher" including a grant of €50,000 also went to a SOEP researcher. Urs Fischbacher, who was recently appointed to the SOEP Survey Committee, was honored for his distinguished achievements in experimental economics, last year’s award theme. The award promotes interdisciplinary and methodologically innovative approaches in research.