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Bericht SOEP2018 -en

Report of October 29, 2018

This year’s SOEP Conference  from July 19 to 20 was a great success. It was held at the Berlin-Brandenburg Academy of Sciences and Humanities (BBAW), where the first SOEP conference— launched by Gert G. Wagner—took place 25 years earlier, in 1993.

Of the almost 100 papers submitted by researchers from 14 different countries, the scientific committee for the SOEP conference (Charlotte Bartels, Martin Biewen, Diana Schacht, Fabian Pfeffer, Holger Görg) accepted 64 submissions for presentation and nine for the poster sessions.

Keynote speeches were given by Stephen Jenkins (LSE) on “How valid are synthetic panel estimates of poverty dynamics? New evidence from HILDA and the BHPS” and by Armin Falk (briq, Bonn University) on “Global Evidence on Economic Preferences”.

A highlight of the conference was the celebration of Gert G. Wagner’s career achievements, held on the occasion of his retirement. In a special farewell ceremony, Ralph Hertwig, Director of the Max Planck Institute for Human Development, gave a presentation highlighting Gert G. Wagner’s numerous accomplishments on behalf of the SOEP and his outstanding contributions to the research.

The conference ended with an awards ceremony. First, the Felix Büchel Award was presented to Armin Falk. The prizes for the best presentations at the SOEP Conference went to three groups of researchers. The first Joachim R. Frick Memorial Prize 2018 went to Juan Palacios and his co-author Steffen Künn from Maastricht University. The second Joachim R. Frick Memorial Prize 2018 went to Benjamin Fischer and his colleague Dominik Hügle from the Freie Universität Berlin, and another second prize went to Stefanie Heyne and Jonas Voßemer from LMU Munich and the University of Bamberg. The 2018 Joachim R. Frick Best Poster Prize went to Tanja Fendel for her poster “The effect of housework on migrants' and native-born individuals’ wages”.

For details on the prize winners and a gallery of photos, please see the following websites:

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