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Information portal and SOEPinfo

Report of November 29, 2018


We are pleased to announce that the script generator and basket in, which can be used by simply registering and logging in, have been thoroughly revised and now offer the following improved functions:

  • More intuitive design and navigation
  • Variables placed in the basket are now easier to supplement with connected variables over time.
  • A list of variables can be exported as a csv file
  • Several script generation errors have been eliminated

We will be soon be adding more features in our topic list for the SOEP-Core data as well as improved documentation on questionnaires and datasets.

2. SOEPinfo

In response to requests from many of our users, we have decided to continue providing SOEPinfo in additional to to generate files for analysis. Up to now, only metadata up to 2013 were available in the “old” SOEPinfo

We will soon also be adding documentation on the current wave v33 (Daten 1984-2016) for the cross-sectional data format. We thus offer users two ways to generate datasets for analysis: SOEPinfo and
Documentation on long-format variables continues to be provided only in

Uta Rahmann
Uta Rahmann

Member in the division Knowledge Transfer in the German Socio-Economic Panel study Department