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SOEP-Core v21 - Changes in the Dataset

Änderungen am Datensatz

Dataset Information

PPFAD 2004

The basic demographic information in PPFAD has been expanded to include location of residence in 1989, i.e., where an individual lived when the Berlin wall fell (variable LOC1989). This information is differentiated into the categories "East Germany", "West Germany", and "Abroad" and is available for all respondents (adults and children, see further documentation in Biography and Life History Data).
Contact: Joachim R. Frick

PGEN 2004 

New variables have been generated for all waves (A-U) providing information on monthly gross and net labor income (LABGRO$$ and LABNET$$), consistently declared in euro. Missing values in case of item non-response are imputed as indicated by the corresponding imputation flag variables IMPGRO$$ and IMPNET$$ respectively (see also additional documentation in PGEN.PDF).
Contact: Markus Grabka

HGEN 2004  

$HGEN now includes the monthly net household income consistently named (HINC$$) and declared in euro over all waves (A-U).
Contact: Jan Goebel or Peter Krause

A new variable has been generated for waves L-U (1995-2004) providing information on monthly net household income adjusted for possible underreporting (AHINC$$), also consistently declared in euro. Possible underreporting is checked with the help of the current individual incomes of all household members (see also additional documentation in HGEN.PDF).
Contact: Jan Goebel or Peter Krause


The files $PEQUIV now also include a set of cross-nationally harmonized health-related variables M11101$$-M11127$$ (see also the additional documentation in the Codebook for the $PEQUIV File 1984 - 2004).
Contact: Markus Grabka