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IAB-SOEP-MIG 2013 - Dataset Information

The IAB-SOEP Migration Sample is a joint project of the Institute for Employment Research (IAB) and the Socio-Economic Panel (SOEP) at the German Institute for Economic Research (DIW Berlin).

The project tempts to overcome limitations of previous datasets by drawing a sample that takes into account changes in the structure of migration to Germany since 1995. The dataset is an additional sample for the SOEP-Core study and therefore completely harmonized with the SOEP  (identical questionnaire with additional questions on the respondent's migration situation). The study opens up new perspectives for migration research and gives insights on the living situations of new immigrants to Germany.

The data have been integrated into the SOEP-Core data sets (since SOEP v30), and boosts the share of respondents with a migration background.

Please find a detailled description on our Integrated Studies site.

Dataset Information

Title: IAB-SOEP Migration Sample 2013
Publication date: 17.10.2014
Principal investigators: Herbert Brücker, Jürgen Schupp
Co-PIs: Martin Kroh, Ingrid Tucci, Jan Goebel, Simone Bartsch, Elisabeth Liebau, Parvati Trübswetter

Affiliated Staff Members for providing the Scientific Use File: Elisabeth Bügelmayer, Klaudia Erhardt, Markus Grabka, Marco Giesselmann, Peter Krause, David Richter, Paul Schmelzer, Christian Schmitt, Daniel Schnitzlein, Carsten Schröder, Knut Wenzig

Data collector: TNS Infratest Sozialforschung GmbH.

Collection period: 2013

If you publish using this data, it is mandatory to quote the following references:

Herbert Brücker, Martin Kroh, Simone Bartsch, Jan Goebel, Simon Kühne, Elisabeth Liebau, Parvati Trübswetter, Ingrid Tucci & Jürgen Schupp (2014): The new IAB-SOEP Migration Sample: an introduction into the methodology and the contents. SOEP Survey Paper 216, Series C. Berlin, Nuremberg: DIW Berlin