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  • Belonging or Estrangement – The European Refugee Crisis and its Effects on Immigrant Identity

    This study deals with the impact of the 2015 European Refugee Crisis on the ethnic identity of resident migrants in Germany. To derive plausibly causal estimates, I exploit the quasi experimental setting in Germany, by which refugees are allocated to different counties by state authorities without being able to choose their locations themselves. This study finds that higher shares of refugees in a ...

    In: European Journal of Political Economy 78 (2023), June 2023, 102394 | Christopher Prömel
  • The Length of Schooling and the Timing of Family Formation

    Individuals typically traverse several life phases before forming a family. We analyze whether changing the duration of one of these phases, the education phase, affects the timing of marriage and childbearing. For this purpose, we exploit the introduction of short school years (SSYs) in Germany in 1966–1967, which compressed the education phase without affecting the curriculum. Based on difference-in-differences ...

    In: CESifo Economic Studies 68 (2022), 1, S. 1-45 | Josefine Koebe, Jan Marcus
  • In Debt but Still Happy? – Examining the Relationship Between Homeownership and Life Satisfaction

    We investigate the relationship between homeownership and life as well as housing satisfaction. Using panel data from Germany, we find that compared to renting, owning a home positively impacts housing satisfaction. Contrarily, we find no significant effects on life satisfaction in the long-term. Analysing short-term effects in an event-study design, we show that both life and housing satisfaction ...

    SOEPpapers 1164 | Sebastian Will, Timon Renz
  • Alternative Recipes for Life Satisfaction: Evidence from Five World Regions

    In most cross-national research on Life Satisfaction (LS) an implicit assumption appears to be that the correlates of LS are the same the world over; ‘one size fits all’. Using data from the World Values Survey (1999–2014), we question this assumption by assessing the effects of differing personal values/life priorities on LS in five world regions: the West, Latin America, the Asian-Confucian region, ...

    In: Applied Research in Quality of Life 17 (2022), 2, S. 763-794 | Bruce Headey, Gisela Trommsdorff, Gert G. Wagner
  • Extracting Agency and Communion From the Big Five: A Four-Way Competition

    Agency and communion are the two fundamental content dimensions in psychology. The two dimensions figure prominently in many psychological realms (personality, social, self, motivational, cross-cultural, etc.). In contemporary research, however, personality is most commonly measured within the Big Five framework. We developed novel agency and communion scales based on the items from the most popular ...

    In: Assessment 29 (2022), 6, S. 1216–1235 | Theresa M. Entringer, Jochen E. Gebauer, Delroy L. Paulhus
  • Social Networks and Health Inequalities in Young and Middle Adulthood

    In this chapter we deal with the health and inequality aspects of networks from a psychological and sociological life span perspective. In doing so, we pay attention to the mutual interactions between health, social inequality, and networks in the context of biographical transitions that decisively shape the life course of adults. We focus exclusively on young and middle adulthood—here roughly defined ...

    In: Andreas Klärner, Markus Gamper, Sylvia Keim-Klärner, Irene Moor, Holger von der Lippe, Nico Vonneilich , Social Networks and Health Inequalities: A New Perspective for Research
    Cham: Springer
    | Holger von der Lippe, Olaf Reis
  • Data from the Panel Study ‘Refugees in the German Educational System (ReGES)’

    The study ‘Refugees in the German Educational System’ is a two-cohort panel addressing the integration of refugee children and adolescents into the German educational system. Data collection followed a multi-informant perspective as well as a multi-mode approach. It started at Wave 1 in January 2018 with a sample of 2,405 refugee children and 2,415 refugee adolescents. Participants were followed over ...

    In: Journal of Open Psychology Data 11 (2023), 1, 1 | Jutta von Maurice, Gisela Will
  • Decomposing intersectional inequalities in subjective physical and mental health by sex, gendered practices and immigration status in a representative panel study from Germany

    Background: The mapping of immigration-related health inequalities remains challenging, since immigrant populations constitute a heterogenous socially constructed group whose health experiences differ by social determinants of health. In spite of the increasing awareness that population mobility and its effects on health are highly gendered, an explicit gender perspective in epidemiology is often lacking ...

    In: BMC Public Health 22 (2022), 1, 683 | Lisa Wandschneider, Céline Miani, Oliver Razum
  • For better or worse: How more flexibility in working time arrangements and parental leave experiences affect fathers' working and childcare hours in Germany

    Objective: In this study, we investigate the effect of flexible working time arrangements and parental leave experiences on the actual working and childcare hours of men. Background: Many fathers want to spend more time with their children and actively participate in family life, but, after becoming a parent, most work even more hours than before. To better combine work and family, the possibility ...

    In: Journal of Family Research 34 (2022), 2, 582-614 | Susanne Wanger, Ines Zapf
  • Essays on Adult Education in Germany

    Lifelong learning and adult education are central to adapt to ageing societies, globalization, and automatization. At the same time, causal analyses are scarce in the realm of adult education, mainly because of the voluntary nature of participation and a paucity of high-quality data. After a short motivation and an overview of each chapter in the first chapter, the four essays of this dissertation ...

    2022, | Insa Weilage
6251 results, from 1