The "Society of Friends of DIW Berlin" (Vereinigung der Freunde des DIW Berlin, VdF) sponsors two prizes.

VdF: Best Publications Prize
This prize is to honor the best publications based on SOEP-data. It is awarded in the years between the biennial "SOEP User Conferences".

Joachim R. Frick Memorial Prize (until 2012: VdF: Best Presentations Prize)
At the biennial "SOEP User Conferences" the Society of Friends of the DIW Berlin honors the presenters of the best three paper presentations.

Felix Büchel Award
Dedicated to the memory of Prof. Felix Büchel, the Felix Büchel Award, which will be presented every two years beginning in 2006, is granted to the one SOEP user who best demonstrates excellent work with the SOEP data, e.g. in scholarship and publishing.