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8th International German Socio-Economic Panel User Conference (SOEP2008)

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SOEP 2008 Program (as of July 8)

Wednesday, July 9

9.00-10.30Registration (foyer)
10.30-12.00SOEP Innovations (room A300)
Chair: Heather Laurie, Institute for Social and Economic Research, University of Essex
  • Recent SOEP Innovations
    Jürgen Schupp, DIW Berlin; Free University Berlin
  • Restructuring the SOEP Database – Perspectives and Outcomes (Poster)
    Peter Krause, Ingo Sieber, DIW Berlin
  • SOEP 2010 – The Next 25 Years
    Jürgen Schupp, Tom Siedler, Gert G. Wagner
12.00-13.00Registration continued (foyer)
13.00-14.30Opening Plenary Session (room A300)
  • Welcome:
    Gert G. Wagner, SOEP Director, DIW Berlin; Berlin University of Technology; Max Weber Center for Advanced Studies Erfurt
    Heike Solga, Social Science Research Center Berlin
  • Opening Speeches:
    • Educational Inequality over 3 Generations – Analyses with the SOEP Data
      Marek Fuchs, University of Kassel
    • The Multigenerational Transmission of Educational Attainment – Prospects and Limits of the SOEP Data
      Rolf Becker, University of Bern
14.30-15.00Coffee (foyer)
15.00-17.00Parallel Sessions
 Parallel S1
Regional Data
(room A300)
Chair: Martin Kroh, DIW Berlin
Parallel S2
(room A310)
Chair: Laura Romeu-Gordo, German Centre of Gerontology
Parallel S3
Social Capital
(room B004/005)
Chair: Tom Siedler, DIW Berlin
 Guven, Cahit
Reversing the Question. Does Happiness Affect Individual Economic Behavior? Evidence from Surveys from the Netherlands and Germany
Juerges, Hendrik
Health Insurance Status and Physician-Induced Demand for Medical Services in Germany: New Evidence from Combined District and Individual Level Data
Knies, Gundi
The Effects of Mobility  on Neighborhood Social Ties
 Abstract | PDF, 94.42 KB Abstract | PDF, 14.8 KB

Abstract | PDF, 14.99 KB

Fulltext | PDF, 276.25 KB

 Luechinger, Simon
Valuing Air Quality Using the Life Satisfaction Approach
Kroll, Lars Eric; Lampert, Thomas
Socio-Economic Differences in Life Expectancy - The Potential of the German Socio-Economic Panel Study

Traunmüller, Richard; Freitag, Markus
Religion as a Resource: Individual Religiosity, Religious Context and the Creation of Social Capital in Germany

Abstract | PDF, 59.73 KB

Fulltext | PDF, 420.67 KB

Abtract | PDF, 13.11 KB

Fulltext | PDF, 336.99 KB

Abstract | PDF, 97.78 KB

Fulltext | PDF, 410.12 KB

 Grözinger, Gerd; Matiaske, Wenzel
Regional Socio-Economical Conditions and Individual Satisfaction
Coneus, Katja; Spieß, C. Katharina
The Intergenerational Transmission of Health in Early Childhood
van Alphen, Stan; Lancee, Bram
Compensating Early School Leave in Germany: the Influence of Social Capital
Abstract | PDF, 11.47 KB

Abstract | PDF, 15.8 KB

Fulltext | PDF, 480.27 KB

Abtract | PDF, 64.09 KB

Fulltext | PDF, 0.55 MB

 Dittmann, Joerg; Goebel, Jan
Your house, your car, your education – The socioeconomic situation of the neighborhood and it's impact on life satisfaction in Germany
Schreyögg, Jonas; Grabka, Markus
Copayments for Ambulatory Care in Germany: A Natural Experiment Using a Difference-in-Difference Approach
van Hoorn, André; Maseland, Robbert
How United is Germany? Cultural Convergence Between East and West After 1991
Abstract | PDF, 12.21 KB

Abstract | PDF, 12.04 KB

Fulltext | PDF, 226.37 KB

Abstract | PDF, 46.02 KB

Fulltext | PDF, 46.02 KB


SOEP Poster Session (room A305/foyer)
Chair: Markus Pannenberg, University of Applied Sciences Bielefeld; DIW Berlin

  • Does distance determine who attends a university in Germany?
    Spieß, C. Katharina; Wrohlich, Katharina
    Abstract | PDF, 53.68 KB
  • Out of sight, out of mind? – Panel continuance by tracking and interviewing expatriates
    Erlinghagen, Marcel; Schupp, Jürgen; Stegmann, Tim
    Abstract | PDF, 27.35 KB
  • Intergenerational Transmission in Right-Wing Extremist Attitudes
    Siedler, Thomas
    Abstract | PDF, 7.57 KB
  • Gender, Migration and Remittances
    Holst, Elke; Schäfer, Andrea; Schrooten, Mechthild
    Abstract | PDF, 6.61 KB
  • Regional Effects on the Gender Pay Gap
    Busch, Anne; Holst, Elke
    Abstract | PDF, 72.66 KB
  • Intergenerational and Family Relationships and Behavioral Outcomes
    Groh-Samberg, Olaf; Kroh, Martin; Siedler, Thomas
  • The Returns to Cognitive Abilities and Personality in Germany
    Heineck, Guido; Anger, Silke
    Abstract | PDF, 4.16 KB
  • Women's labor force participation and life satisfaction
    Berger, Eva
  • Longitudinal data on education in the German Socio-Economic Panel (SOEP)
    Lohmann, Henning
    Abstract | PDF, 67.64 KB
  • Savings behaviour of private households
    Büning, Constanze
    Abstract | PDF, 88.12 KB
  • Representative wealth data for Germany: The impact of imputation and the choice of the aggregation unit
    Frick, Joachim R.; Grabka, Markus M.; Sierminska, Eva M.
  • Redistributive Impacts of Government and Private Household Activities
    Krause, Peter
    Abstract | PDF, 4.88 KB
  • Affective Self-Regulation in Day-to-Day Life: Applying Mobile Technology as a Research Instrument
    Riediger, Michaela; Schmiedek, Florian; Wagner, Gert G. ; Lindenberger, Ulman

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Thursday, July 10

9.00-11.00Special Session: 25 Waves of SOEP (room A300)
Chair: Gisela Trommsdorff, University of Konstanz; DIW Berlin
  • 25 Years of Collecting SOEP Data
    Bernhard von Rosenbladt, TNS Infratest Sozialforschung
  • The Role of the SOEP for Social Reporting and Social Policy in Germany: Poverty and Income Inequality
    Richard Hauser, University of Frankfurt
  • The Role of the SOEP for Cross-National Comparative Research: Income Inequality and Economic Mobility
    Richard V. Burkhauser, Cornell University
  • Education in Intra- and Intergenerational Perspective - How Poor Would Education Research Be Without the German SOEP?
    Heike Solga, Social Science Research Center Berlin

    Fulltext | PDF, 266.11 KB
11.00-11.30Coffee (foyer)
11.30-13.00Parallel Sessions
 Parallel S4
(room A300)
Chair: Carsten Keller, Centre Marc Bloch
Parallel S5
Family Economics
(room A310)
Chair: Christian Schmitt, DIW Berlin;  University of Rostock
Parallel S6
Earnings & Job Mobility
(room B004/005)
Chair: Michael Kvasnicka, RWI Essen
 Euwals, Rob; Dagevos, Jaco; Gijsberts, Mérove; Roodenburg, Hans
The Labour Market Position of Turkish Immigrants in Germany and the Netherlands: Reason for Migration, Naturalisation and Language Proficiency
Gebel, Michael; Giesecke, Johannes
Employment Insecurity and the Transition to Parenthood

Eisenhauer, Philipp; Pfeiffer, Friedhelm
Assessing Intergenerational Earnings Persistence Among German Workers

Abstract | PDF, 13.99 KB

Fulltext | PDF, 187.58 KB

Abstract | PDF, 15.69 KB

Abstract | PDF, 52.09 KB

Fultext | PDF, 368.99 KB

 Hartung, Anne
From education to work: A comparison of transition patterns across ethnic groups in Germany

Ludwig, Volker; Brüderl, Josef
The Male Marital Wage Premium: Further Results on an Enduring Puzzle

Görlitz, Katja; von Wachter, Till
Using the Unemployment Duration to Distinguish Voluntary and Involuntary Mobility

Abstract | PDF, 44.92 KB

Fulltext | PDF, 308.24 KB

Abstract | PDF, 13.5 KB
Abstract | PDF, 14.94 KB
 Gang, Ira N.; Landon-Lane, John; Yun, Myeong-Su
Migrants, Natives and a New Measure of Assimilation

Nisic, Natascha
Labor Market Outcomes of Spatially Mobile Couples: Who Gains, who Loses? Evidence on Germany (SOEP 1992-2006)
Brynin, Malcolm; Longhi, Simonetta
Occupational mobility in Germany and Britain
 Abstract | PDF, 10.82 KB Abstract | PDF, 70.88 KB

Abstract | PDF, 10.17 KB

Fulltext | PDF, 160.65 KB

14.30-16.00Parallel Sessions
 Parallel S7
(room A300)
Chair: Henning Lohmann, DIW Berlin
Parallel S8
Labor Supply
(room A310)
Chair: Elke Holst, DIW Berlin
Parallel S9
Old Age
(room B004/005)
Chair: Martin Karlsson, University of Oxford
 DiPrete, Thomas A.; Legewie, Joscha
Family Determinants of the Changing Gender Gap in Educational Attainment: A Comparison of the U.S. and Germany
Haan, Peter; Prowse, Victoria; Uhlendorff, Arne
Employment Effects of Welfare Reforms: Evidence from a Dynamic Structural Life-Cycle Model

Frick, Joachim R.; Headey, Bruce
Living standards in retirement: accepted international comparisons are misleading – a revised view based on German and Australian wealth data

Abstract | PDF, 12.92 KB

Fulltext | PDF, 349.94 KB

Abstract | PDF, 10.83 KB

Fulltext | PDF, 461.86 KB

Abstract | PDF, 12.74 KB

Fulltext | PDF, 218.51 KB

 Heineck, Guido
Family structure and educational attainment in Germany

Sommerfeld, Katrin
Older Babies – More Active Mothers? How Maternal Labor Supply Changes as the Child Grows

Corneo, Giacomo; Keese, Matthias, Schröder, Carsten
Can Governments Boost Voluntary Retirement Savings Via Tax Incentives and Subsidies? A German Case Study for Low-Income Households
 Abstract | PDF, 14.96 KB

Abstract | PDF, 41.65 KB

Fulltext | PDF, 0.9 MB

Abstract | PDF, 25.85 KB

Fulltext | PDF, 508.71 KB

 Kratzmann, Jens; Schneider, Thorsten
Social Inequality at School Entry in Germany. The Impact of Social Origin and Child Care Attendance on Timing of School Entrance based on SOEP Data
Fouarge, Didier; Muffels, Ruud
Working part-time and caring in Europe: medium and long term effects on employment and wage careers
Fasang, Anette Eva
How do family biographies affect the timing of pension entrance? A comparative analysis of females born 1930-1939 in West Germany and the United Kingdom
 Abstract | PDF, 7.3 KB Abstract | PDF, 17.89 KB

Fulltext | PDF, 201.86 KB
Abstract | PDF, 24.06 KB
16.00-17.30Poster Session
Chair: Conchita D'Ambrosio, Università di Milano-Bicocca; DIW Berlin
17.30-18.00Felix Büchel Award Session (room A300)
Chair: Antje Mertens, Berlin School of Economics
Laudatio: Regina Riphahn, University of Erlangen-Nürnberg
18.30-22.00Reception – Dinner Buffet (WZB cantine)
Prof. Dr. Eckhard George, Vice President of the Leibniz Association

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Friday, July 11

9.00-10.00Keynote Speech (room A300)
Chair: Bruce Headey, Melbourne Institute at University of Melbourne, Australia; DIW Berlin
  • Prevalence, Determinants and Consequences of Risk Attitudes
    Armin Falk, University of Bonn; Institute for the Study of Labor
10.00-10.30Coffee (foyer)
10.30-12.30Parallel Sessions
 Parallel S10
(room A300)
Chair: Denis Huschka, RatSWD; DIW Berlin
Parallel S11
Personal Traits
(room A310)
Chair: Beatrice Rammstedt, GESIS-ZUMA Mannheim
Parallel S12
& Life Satisfaction
(room B004/005)
Chair: Peter Krause, DIW Berlin
 Wunder, Christoph
Adaptation to income over time: A weak point of subjective well-being

Bartke, Stephan; Schwarze, Reimund
Risk-Averse by Nation, by Religion or by Nature? Some Insights on Determinants of Individual Risk Taking Preferences
Giesecke, Johannes; Verwiebe, Roland
Rising Wage Inequality in Germany. Winners and Losers of the Income Dynamics between 1985 and 2006

Abstract | PDF, 6.35 KB

Fulltext | PDF, 126.52 KB

Abstract | PDF, 15.59 KB Abstract | PDF, 13.98 KB
 Clark, Andrew; Knabe, Andreas; Rätzel, Steffen
Boon or Bane? Well-being, Others' Unemployment, and Labor-Market Risk

Coneus, Katja; Gernandt, Johannes; Saam, Marianne
Noncognitive Skills, Internet Use and Educational Dropout
Layard, Richard;  Mayraz, Guy; Nickell, Stephen
The Marginal Utility of Income

Abstract | PDF, 85.95 KB

Fulltext | PDF, 312.71 KB

Abstract | PDF, 13.25 KB

Fulltext | PDF, 308.5 KB

Abstract | PDF, 43.35 KB

Fulltext | PDF, 273.63 KB

 Van Landeghem, Bert G.M.
Human Well-Being over the Life Cycle: Longitudinal Evidence from a 20-Year Panel
Schimmack, Ulrich
Cognitive and Affective Measures of Well-Being in the SOEP

Pfeffer, Fabian T.
Parental Wealth and Children's Life Chances. First Evidence for West Germany

  Abstract | PDF, 62.61 KB

Abstract | PDF, 10.78 KB

Fulltext | PDF, 186.54 KB

Abstract | PDF, 82.33 KB
 Lillard, Dean
Self-reported Satisfaction: Determinant or Outcome?

Goerke, Laszlo; Pannenberg, Markus
Risk Aversion and Trade Union Membership: Implications for Wages and Employment

D'Ambrosio, Conchita; Frick, Joachim R.; Jäntti, Markus
Satisfaction with Life and Economic Well-Being: Evidence from Germany
Abstract | PDF, 14.37 KB

Abstract | PDF, 14.68 KB

Fulltext | PDF, 235.39 KB

Abstract | PDF, 16.84 KB

Fulltext | PDF, 101.76 KB

12.30-13.00Closing Plenary Session (room A300)
Chair: Gert G. Wagner, SOEP Director, DIW Berlin; Berlin University of Technology; Max Weber Center for Advanced Studies Erfurt

Honoring Best Presentations
Dr. Holger Hatje, Chairman of the Society of Friends of DIW Berlin

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