SOEP 2008: Program

SOEP 2008 Program (as of July 8)

Wednesday, July 9

9.00-10.30Registration (foyer)
10.30-12.00SOEP Innovations (room A300)
Chair: Heather Laurie, Institute for Social and Economic Research, University of Essex
  • Recent SOEP Innovations
    Jürgen Schupp, DIW Berlin; Free University Berlin
  • Restructuring the SOEP Database – Perspectives and Outcomes (Poster)
    Peter Krause, Ingo Sieber, DIW Berlin
  • SOEP 2010 – The Next 25 Years
    Jürgen Schupp, Tom Siedler, Gert G. Wagner
12.00-13.00Registration continued (foyer)
13.00-14.30Opening Plenary Session (room A300)
  • Welcome:
    Gert G. Wagner, SOEP Director, DIW Berlin; Berlin University of Technology; Max Weber Center for Advanced Studies Erfurt
    Heike Solga, Social Science Research Center Berlin
  • Opening Speeches:
    • Educational Inequality over 3 Generations – Analyses with the SOEP Data
      Marek Fuchs, University of Kassel
    • The Multigenerational Transmission of Educational Attainment – Prospects and Limits of the SOEP Data
      Rolf Becker, University of Bern
14.30-15.00Coffee (foyer)
15.00-17.00Parallel Sessions
 Parallel S1
Regional Data
(room A300)
Chair: Martin Kroh, DIW Berlin
Parallel S2
(room A310)
Chair: Laura Romeu-Gordo, German Centre of Gerontology
Parallel S3
Social Capital
(room B004/005)
Chair: Tom Siedler, DIW Berlin
 Guven, Cahit
Reversing the Question. Does Happiness Affect Individual Economic Behavior? Evidence from Surveys from the Netherlands and Germany
Juerges, Hendrik
Health Insurance Status and Physician-Induced Demand for Medical Services in Germany: New Evidence from Combined District and Individual Level Data
Knies, Gundi
The Effects of Mobility  on Neighborhood Social Ties
 Abstract (PDF, 94.42 KB)Abstract (PDF, 14.8 KB)

Abstract (PDF, 14.99 KB)

Fulltext (PDF, 276.25 KB)

 Luechinger, Simon
Valuing Air Quality Using the Life Satisfaction Approach
Kroll, Lars Eric; Lampert, Thomas
Socio-Economic Differences in Life Expectancy - The Potential of the German Socio-Economic Panel Study

Traunmüller, Richard; Freitag, Markus
Religion as a Resource: Individual Religiosity, Religious Context and the Creation of Social Capital in Germany

Abstract (PDF, 59.73 KB)

Fulltext (PDF, 420.67 KB)

Abtract (PDF, 13.11 KB)

Fulltext (PDF, 336.99 KB)

Abstract (PDF, 97.78 KB)

Fulltext (PDF, 410.12 KB)

 Grözinger, Gerd; Matiaske, Wenzel
Regional Socio-Economical Conditions and Individual Satisfaction
Coneus, Katja; Spieß, C. Katharina
The Intergenerational Transmission of Health in Early Childhood
van Alphen, Stan; Lancee, Bram
Compensating Early School Leave in Germany: the Influence of Social Capital
Abstract (PDF, 11.47 KB)

Abstract (PDF, 15.8 KB)

Fulltext (PDF, 480.27 KB)

Abtract (PDF, 64.09 KB)

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 Dittmann, Joerg; Goebel, Jan
Your house, your car, your education – The socioeconomic situation of the neighborhood and it's impact on life satisfaction in Germany
Schreyögg, Jonas; Grabka, Markus
Copayments for Ambulatory Care in Germany: A Natural Experiment Using a Difference-in-Difference Approach
van Hoorn, André; Maseland, Robbert
How United is Germany? Cultural Convergence Between East and West After 1991
Abstract (PDF, 12.21 KB)

Abstract (PDF, 12.04 KB)

Fulltext (PDF, 226.37 KB)

Abstract (PDF, 46.02 KB)

Fulltext (PDF, 46.02 KB)


SOEP Poster Session (room A305/foyer)
Chair: Markus Pannenberg, University of Applied Sciences Bielefeld; DIW Berlin

  • Does distance determine who attends a university in Germany?
    Spieß, C. Katharina; Wrohlich, Katharina
    Abstract (PDF, 53.68 KB)
  • Out of sight, out of mind? – Panel continuance by tracking and interviewing expatriates
    Erlinghagen, Marcel; Schupp, Jürgen; Stegmann, Tim
    Abstract (PDF, 27.35 KB)
  • Intergenerational Transmission in Right-Wing Extremist Attitudes
    Siedler, Thomas
    Abstract (PDF, 7.57 KB)
  • Gender, Migration and Remittances
    Holst, Elke; Schäfer, Andrea; Schrooten, Mechthild
    Abstract (PDF, 6.61 KB)
  • Regional Effects on the Gender Pay Gap
    Busch, Anne; Holst, Elke
    Abstract (PDF, 72.66 KB)
  • Intergenerational and Family Relationships and Behavioral Outcomes
    Groh-Samberg, Olaf; Kroh, Martin; Siedler, Thomas
  • The Returns to Cognitive Abilities and Personality in Germany
    Heineck, Guido; Anger, Silke
    Abstract (PDF, 4.16 KB)
  • Women's labor force participation and life satisfaction
    Berger, Eva
  • Longitudinal data on education in the German Socio-Economic Panel (SOEP)
    Lohmann, Henning
    Abstract (PDF, 67.64 KB)
  • Savings behaviour of private households
    Büning, Constanze
    Abstract (PDF, 88.12 KB)
  • Representative wealth data for Germany: The impact of imputation and the choice of the aggregation unit
    Frick, Joachim R.; Grabka, Markus M.; Sierminska, Eva M.
  • Redistributive Impacts of Government and Private Household Activities
    Krause, Peter
    Abstract (PDF, 4.88 KB)
  • Affective Self-Regulation in Day-to-Day Life: Applying Mobile Technology as a Research Instrument
    Riediger, Michaela; Schmiedek, Florian; Wagner, Gert G. ; Lindenberger, Ulman

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Thursday, July 10

9.00-11.00Special Session: 25 Waves of SOEP (room A300)
Chair: Gisela Trommsdorff, University of Konstanz; DIW Berlin
  • 25 Years of Collecting SOEP Data
    Bernhard von Rosenbladt, TNS Infratest Sozialforschung
  • The Role of the SOEP for Social Reporting and Social Policy in Germany: Poverty and Income Inequality
    Richard Hauser, University of Frankfurt
  • The Role of the SOEP for Cross-National Comparative Research: Income Inequality and Economic Mobility
    Richard V. Burkhauser, Cornell University
  • Education in Intra- and Intergenerational Perspective - How Poor Would Education Research Be Without the German SOEP?
    Heike Solga, Social Science Research Center Berlin

    Fulltext (PDF, 266.11 KB)
11.00-11.30Coffee (foyer)
11.30-13.00Parallel Sessions
 Parallel S4
(room A300)
Chair: Carsten Keller, Centre Marc Bloch
Parallel S5
Family Economics
(room A310)
Chair: Christian Schmitt, DIW Berlin;  University of Rostock
Parallel S6
Earnings & Job Mobility
(room B004/005)
Chair: Michael Kvasnicka, RWI Essen
 Euwals, Rob; Dagevos, Jaco; Gijsberts, Mérove; Roodenburg, Hans
The Labour Market Position of Turkish Immigrants in Germany and the Netherlands: Reason for Migration, Naturalisation and Language Proficiency
Gebel, Michael; Giesecke, Johannes
Employment Insecurity and the Transition to Parenthood

Eisenhauer, Philipp; Pfeiffer, Friedhelm
Assessing Intergenerational Earnings Persistence Among German Workers

Abstract (PDF, 13.99 KB)

Fulltext (PDF, 187.58 KB)

Abstract (PDF, 15.69 KB)

Abstract (PDF, 52.09 KB)

Fultext (PDF, 368.99 KB)

 Hartung, Anne
From education to work: A comparison of transition patterns across ethnic groups in Germany

Ludwig, Volker; Brüderl, Josef
The Male Marital Wage Premium: Further Results on an Enduring Puzzle

Görlitz, Katja; von Wachter, Till
Using the Unemployment Duration to Distinguish Voluntary and Involuntary Mobility

Abstract (PDF, 44.92 KB)

Fulltext (PDF, 308.24 KB)

Abstract (PDF, 13.5 KB)
Abstract (PDF, 14.94 KB)
 Gang, Ira N.; Landon-Lane, John; Yun, Myeong-Su
Migrants, Natives and a New Measure of Assimilation

Nisic, Natascha
Labor Market Outcomes of Spatially Mobile Couples: Who Gains, who Loses? Evidence on Germany (SOEP 1992-2006)
Brynin, Malcolm; Longhi, Simonetta
Occupational mobility in Germany and Britain
 Abstract (PDF, 10.82 KB)Abstract (PDF, 70.88 KB)

Abstract (PDF, 10.17 KB)

Fulltext (PDF, 160.65 KB)

14.30-16.00Parallel Sessions
 Parallel S7
(room A300)
Chair: Henning Lohmann, DIW Berlin
Parallel S8
Labor Supply
(room A310)
Chair: Elke Holst, DIW Berlin
Parallel S9
Old Age
(room B004/005)
Chair: Martin Karlsson, University of Oxford
 DiPrete, Thomas A.; Legewie, Joscha
Family Determinants of the Changing Gender Gap in Educational Attainment: A Comparison of the U.S. and Germany
Haan, Peter; Prowse, Victoria; Uhlendorff, Arne
Employment Effects of Welfare Reforms: Evidence from a Dynamic Structural Life-Cycle Model

Frick, Joachim R.; Headey, Bruce
Living standards in retirement: accepted international comparisons are misleading – a revised view based on German and Australian wealth data

Abstract (PDF, 12.92 KB)

Fulltext (PDF, 349.94 KB)

Abstract (PDF, 10.83 KB)

Fulltext (PDF, 461.86 KB)

Abstract (PDF, 12.74 KB)

Fulltext (PDF, 218.51 KB)

 Heineck, Guido
Family structure and educational attainment in Germany

Sommerfeld, Katrin
Older Babies – More Active Mothers? How Maternal Labor Supply Changes as the Child Grows

Corneo, Giacomo; Keese, Matthias, Schröder, Carsten
Can Governments Boost Voluntary Retirement Savings Via Tax Incentives and Subsidies? A German Case Study for Low-Income Households
 Abstract (PDF, 14.96 KB)

Abstract (PDF, 41.65 KB)

Fulltext (PDF, 0.9 MB)

Abstract (PDF, 25.85 KB)

Fulltext (PDF, 508.71 KB)

 Kratzmann, Jens; Schneider, Thorsten
Social Inequality at School Entry in Germany. The Impact of Social Origin and Child Care Attendance on Timing of School Entrance based on SOEP Data
Fouarge, Didier; Muffels, Ruud
Working part-time and caring in Europe: medium and long term effects on employment and wage careers
Fasang, Anette Eva
How do family biographies affect the timing of pension entrance? A comparative analysis of females born 1930-1939 in West Germany and the United Kingdom
 Abstract (PDF, 7.3 KB)Abstract (PDF, 17.89 KB)

Fulltext (PDF, 201.86 KB)
Abstract (PDF, 24.06 KB)
16.00-17.30Poster Session
Chair: Conchita D'Ambrosio, Università di Milano-Bicocca; DIW Berlin
  • The Impact of Social Capital on Sickness Absence in the Workplace: The Moderating Role of Perceived Health
    Lancee, Bram; Ter Hoeven, Claartje
    Abstract (PDF, 75.62 KB)
  • Life Satisfaction and Health of the Oldest Old: a Panel Analysis for Germany Using Panel Data from the GSOEP
    Gwozdz, Wencke; Sousa-Poza, Alfonso
    Abstract (PDF, 15.55 KB)
  • Positional Externalities and Efficient Taxation
    Mentesoglu, Gülçin; Vendrik, Maarten
    Abstract (PDF, 60.02 KB)
  • Heresy or Enlightenment? The Wellbeing Age U-Shape Effect is Really Flat!
    Kassenboehmer, Sonja C.; Haisken-DeNew, John P.
    Abstract (PDF, 32.4 KB)
    Fulltext (PDF, 92.97 KB)
  • Set-point Theory, Authentic Happiness Theory and Religion
    Headey, Bruce; Schupp, Jürgen; Tucci, Ingrid; Wagner, Gert G.
    Abstract (PDF, 13.7 KB)
  • Would a Flat Tax Stimulate Entrepreneurship in Germany? A Behavioural Microsimulation Analysis Allowing for Risk
    Fossen, Frank M.
    Abstract (PDF, 204.65 KB)
    Fulltext (PDF, 1.77 MB)
  • Anchoring labour market behaviour to life-course events. Does the survey design play a role?
    Manzoni, Anna
    Abstract (PDF, 80 KB)
  • Biases in the Measurement of Labour Market Dynamics
    Bachmann, Ronald; Schaffner, Sandra
    Abstract (PDF, 59.33 KB)
  • Economic Dependency in Cohabitation and Marriage, and the Division of Labor in the Home
    Ludwig, Volker
    Abstract (PDF, 12.67 KB)
  • A Heap of Trouble? Accounting for Mismatch Bias in Retrospective Data
    Lillard, Dean R.; Wang, Hua; Bar, Yehuda
    Abstract (PDF, 25.69 KB)
    Fulltext (PDF, 304.59 KB)
  • Home care and the labour force participation of household members
    Meng, Annika
    Abstract (PDF, 25.26 KB)
17.30-18.00Felix Büchel Award Session (room A300)
Chair: Antje Mertens, Berlin School of Economics
Laudatio: Regina Riphahn, University of Erlangen-Nürnberg
18.30-22.00Reception – Dinner Buffet (WZB cantine)
Prof. Dr. Eckhard George, Vice President of the Leibniz Association

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Friday, July 11

9.00-10.00Keynote Speech (room A300)
Chair: Bruce Headey, Melbourne Institute at University of Melbourne, Australia; DIW Berlin
  • Prevalence, Determinants and Consequences of Risk Attitudes
    Armin Falk, University of Bonn; Institute for the Study of Labor
10.00-10.30Coffee (foyer)
10.30-12.30Parallel Sessions
 Parallel S10
(room A300)
Chair: Denis Huschka, RatSWD; DIW Berlin
Parallel S11
Personal Traits
(room A310)
Chair: Beatrice Rammstedt, GESIS-ZUMA Mannheim
Parallel S12
& Life Satisfaction
(room B004/005)
Chair: Peter Krause, DIW Berlin
 Wunder, Christoph
Adaptation to income over time: A weak point of subjective well-being

Bartke, Stephan; Schwarze, Reimund
Risk-Averse by Nation, by Religion or by Nature? Some Insights on Determinants of Individual Risk Taking Preferences
Giesecke, Johannes; Verwiebe, Roland
Rising Wage Inequality in Germany. Winners and Losers of the Income Dynamics between 1985 and 2006

Abstract (PDF, 6.35 KB)

Fulltext (PDF, 126.52 KB)

Abstract (PDF, 15.59 KB)Abstract (PDF, 13.98 KB)
 Clark, Andrew; Knabe, Andreas; Rätzel, Steffen
Boon or Bane? Well-being, Others' Unemployment, and Labor-Market Risk

Coneus, Katja; Gernandt, Johannes; Saam, Marianne
Noncognitive Skills, Internet Use and Educational Dropout
Layard, Richard;  Mayraz, Guy; Nickell, Stephen
The Marginal Utility of Income

Abstract (PDF, 85.95 KB)

Fulltext (PDF, 312.71 KB)

Abstract (PDF, 13.25 KB)

Fulltext (PDF, 308.5 KB)

Abstract (PDF, 43.35 KB)

Fulltext (PDF, 273.63 KB)

 Van Landeghem, Bert G.M.
Human Well-Being over the Life Cycle: Longitudinal Evidence from a 20-Year Panel
Schimmack, Ulrich
Cognitive and Affective Measures of Well-Being in the SOEP

Pfeffer, Fabian T.
Parental Wealth and Children's Life Chances. First Evidence for West Germany

  Abstract (PDF, 62.61 KB)

Abstract (PDF, 10.78 KB)

Fulltext (PDF, 186.54 KB)

Abstract (PDF, 82.33 KB)
 Lillard, Dean
Self-reported Satisfaction: Determinant or Outcome?

Goerke, Laszlo; Pannenberg, Markus
Risk Aversion and Trade Union Membership: Implications for Wages and Employment

D'Ambrosio, Conchita; Frick, Joachim R.; Jäntti, Markus
Satisfaction with Life and Economic Well-Being: Evidence from Germany
Abstract (PDF, 14.37 KB)

Abstract (PDF, 14.68 KB)

Fulltext (PDF, 235.39 KB)

Abstract (PDF, 16.84 KB)

Fulltext (PDF, 101.76 KB)

12.30-13.00Closing Plenary Session (room A300)
Chair: Gert G. Wagner, SOEP Director, DIW Berlin; Berlin University of Technology; Max Weber Center for Advanced Studies Erfurt

Honoring Best Presentations
Dr. Holger Hatje, Chairman of the Society of Friends of DIW Berlin

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