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  • Regional variations in vaccination against COVID-19 in Germany

    Vaccination willingness against COVID-19 is generally perceived as too low. Moreover, there is large heterogeneity across and within countries. As a whole, Germany has average vaccination rates compared to other industrialized countries. However, vaccination rates in the 16 different German federal states differ by more than 20 percentage points. We describe variation in vaccination on the level of ...

    (SSRN Working Paper)
    | Verena Bade, Hendrik Schmitz, Beatrice Baaba Tawiah
  • Testing Marx: Capital Accumulation, Income Inequality, and Socialism in Late Nineteenth-Century Germany

    We study the dynamics of capital accumulation, income inequality, capital concentration, and voting up to 1914. Based on new panel data for Prussian regions, we re-evaluate the famous Revisionism Debate between orthodox Marxists and their critics. We show that changes in capital accumulation led to a rise in the capital share and income inequality, as predicted by orthodox Marxists. But against their ...

    In: The Review of Economics and Statistics (online first) (2023), | Charlotte Bartels, Felix Kersting, Nikolaus Wolf
  • Job Levels and Wages

    Job levels describe the complexity of a worker’s tasks, and her autonomy and responsibilities in their execution. Conceptually they are linked to the organization of production and can be used to extend a task-based view of wage determination. Using matched employer-employee datasets containing job-level information, we provide an empirical decomposition of life-cycle wage dynamics and demonstrate ...

    Philadelphia: University of Pennsylvania, 2023,
    (Money Macro Seminar Paper)
    | Christian Bayer, Moritz Kuhn
  • Migrants’ Social Integration and Its Relevance for National Identification: An Empirical Comparison Across Three Social Spheres

    A key element of migrants’ well-being is their emotional integration, that is, the extent to which they perceive themselves as members of society and their identification with the country they are living in. To foster this sense of belonging, many integration programs aim to increase the migrants’ social integration, for example, by organizing events for migrants to meet natives in various settings. ...

    In: Frontiers in Sociology 6 (2022), 700580 | Charlotte C. Becker
  • Using Distribution Regression Difference-in-Differences to Evaluate the Effects of a Minimum Wage Introduction on the Distribution of Hourly Wages and Hours Worked

    This paper evaluates the effects of the newly introduced German minimum wage on the distribution of hourly wages and hours worked. The study is based on the German Structure of Earnings Survey (GSES), the only large scale data set for Germany that includes information on hourly wages and hours worked. We provide a full distributional analysis based on counterfactual distributions that would have prevailed, ...

    Bonn: Institute of Labor Economics (IZA), 2022,
    (IZA DP No. 15534)
    | Martin Biewen, Bernd Fitzenberger, Marian Rümmele
  • There is a mid-life low in well-being in Germany

    Kassenboehmer and Haisken-DeNew (2012) claim that there is no well-being midlife low in Germany, when controlling for fixed effects, respondent experience and interviewer characteristics in the German Socio-Economic Panel, 1994-2006. We re-estimate with a longer run of years using their methods and find that well-being declines to a low in midlife and is neither flat nor trivial.

    In: Economics Letters 214 (2022), May 2022, 110430 | David G. Blanchflower, Alan Piper
  • Essyas on Minimum Wages, Labour Supply and Public Finances

    Diese Dissertation umfasst drei Aufsätze zu Mindestlöhnen, zum Arbeitsangebot sowie zu öffentlichen Finanzen. Der Fokus liegt auf den Entwicklungen in Deutschland innerhalb der letzten zwei Jahrzehnte. Der erste Aufsatz untersucht Beschäftigungseffekte des Mindestlohns in einem Modell der Sucharbeitslosigkeit. Das Modell bildet Heterogenität auf Arbeitnehmer- und Arbeitgeberseite ab und schränkt die ...

    2023, | Maximilian Blömer
  • Family care during the first COVID-19 lockdown in Germany: longitudinal evidence on consequences for the well-being of caregivers

    We examine changes in the well-being of family caregivers during the early phase of the COVID-19 pandemic in Germany, using data from the German Socio-Economic Panel (SOEP) and the SOEP-CoV study. The COVID-19 pandemic posed an extraordinary challenge for family caregivers, as care recipients are a high-risk group requiring special protection, and professional care services were severely cut back. ...

    In: European Journal of Ageing 20 (2023), 1, 15, 11 S. | Katja Möhring, Sabine Zinn, Ulrike Ehrlich
  • Intergenerational Scars: The Impact of Parental Unemployment on Individual Health Later in Life

    This paper studies whether individuals that experienced parental unemployment during their childhood/early adolescence have poorer health once they reach the adulthood. We used data from the German Socio-Economic Panel from 2002 until 2018. Our identification strategy of the causal effect of parental unemployment relied on plant closures as exogenous variation of the individual labor market condition. ...

    SOEPpapers 1188 | Michele Ubaldi, Matteo Picchio
  • No Evidence for Transactional Effects Between Religiosity and Self-Esteem in a Secular Country

    This research tests the unique predictions of three different theoretical perspectives on the self-esteem benefits of religiosity: the religiosity-as-a-personal-relationship-with-a-higher-power perspective, the religiosity-as-a-resource perspective, and the religiosity-as-social-value perspective. To do so, we used random-intercept cross-lagged panel models and examined the between- and within-person ...

    In: Social Psychological and Personality Science im Ersch. (2022) | Theresa M. Entringer, Madeline R. Lenhausen, Christopher J. Hopwood, Wiebke Bleidorn
6126 results, from 11