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The Economic Implications of Migration

Diese Dissertation besteht aus vier empirischen Kapiteln aus dem Bereich der Migrationsökonomik. Kapitel 1 untersucht die Auswirkungen von Aufenthaltsbeschränkungen auf die Teilnahme an Integrationskursen und auf die Sprachentwicklung von Geflüchteten. Ein neu eingeführtes Gesetz, die "Wohnsitzauflage", beschränkt Geflüchtete mit einem längerfristigen Aufenthaltsstatus in der Wahl ihres ersten ...

2021, | Felicitas Schikora

Generation Y: Do millennials need a partner to be happy?

Introduction: Empirical evidence on Ronald Inglehart's theory of value change shows that subsequent generations show a decline in values of physical and economic security (materialism) in favor of an increase in values of self-expression and autonomy (postmaterialism). Methods: We investigate in a pre-registered study whether Inglehart's theory also applies to partnership, such that millennials think ...

In: Journal of Adolescence 90 (2021), S. 23-31 | Louisa Scheling, David Richter

Are Temporary Jobs Stepping Stones or Dead Ends? A Meta-Analytical Review of the Literature

We present a meta-analysis on the debate about the "stepping stone vs. dead end" hypothesis related to the causal effect of temporary jobs on future labour market performances. We select academic papers published on international peer-reviewed journals from 1990 until 2021. Among 78 observations from 64 articles, 32% support the hypothesis according to which temporary contracts are a port ...

Bonn: Institute of Labor Economics (IZA), 2021,
(IZA DP No. 14367)
| Mattia Filomena, Matteo Picchio

Refugees’ Mental Health during the Coronavirus Pandemic: Psychological Distress and Continued Loneliness

Many people are suffering from the consequences of the coronavirus pandemic. Refugees, however, belong to one of the underpriviliged groups in many areas of society. They are more likely than average to live in overcrowded living quarters such as community housing and are thus exposed to a higher risk of infection. At the same time, even before the pandemic, they were more likely than average to experience ...

DIW Weekly Report 11 (2021), 12, 103-109| Theresa Entringer, Jannes Jacobsen, Hannes Kröger, Maria Metzing

Education as a Positional Good? Evidence from the German Socio-Economic Panel

People care about their relative standing in society and therefore compare themselves to relevant others. Empirical findings suggest that there are concerns for relative standing for different goods and life domains such as income, cars, attractiveness, and supervisor’s praise. Even education has been mentioned as having a (partially) positional character. However, there has been only small consideration ...

In: Social Indicators Research 155 (2021), 2, 745-767 | Alessa K. Durst

Mental Health over the Life Course: Evidence for a U-Shape?

We aim to identify the age-pro<U+FB01>le of mental health while introducing minimal bias to reach identi<U+FB01>cation. Using mental health data from the US Panel Study of Income Dynamics (PSID) we apply <U+FB01>rst di<U+FB00>erence estimation to derive an unbiased estimate of the second derivative of the age e<U+FB00>ect as well as an estimate up to a linear period trend ...

Groningen: University of Groningen, SOM research school, 2019,
(SOM Research Reports 2019004-EEF)
| Hermien Dijk, Jochen Mierau

Quantifying the Economic, Linguistic, and Social Benefits for Refugees Participating in a Federal German Integration Course

In 2005, the German government introduced various integration courses in order to better support migrants and refugees. Since 2010, the refugee population in Germany has exponentially increased, particularly after Chancellor Merkel’s 2015 decision to admit more than one million refugees. This study evaluates the efficacy of these integration courses by examining the extent to which participation in ...

2021, | Claire M. Cai

Gastbeitrag zum Armuts- und Reichtumsbericht: Multimilliardär vs. Hartz-IV-Empfänger: Regierung verschleiert ein deutsches Mega-Problem

Die Covid-19-Pandemie hat große Auswirkungen auf die Vermögensverhältnisse. Der 6. Armuts- und Reichtumsbericht der Bundesregierung dokumentiert diese soziale Ungleichheit - jedoch wird ein wichtiger Aspekt verschwiegen. Einige wenige besitzen fast alles. Und viele besitzen wenig.

In: Focus online, 2021-05-14 (2021), | Christoph Butterwegge

Essays on Methods for Causal Inference

This dissertation consists of three papers sharing the objective to analyze how machine learning methods can be useful to economists and econometricians in their pursuit to understand causal mechanisms operating in the economy. Such causal knowledge is essential when designing policies that help achieve societal goals. ML techniques are increasingly applied in and adapted to practical policy settings. ...

2020, | Patrick Burauel

Value Differences between Refugees and German Citizens: Insights from a Representative Survey

The political debate over the inclusion of refugees frequently revolves around cultural differences, in particular differences pertaining to values, which are suspected to hamper social integration. Sociological accounts of values in principle warrant the assumption that different values promote conflict over sensitive social issues. However, only little is known about the actual values of refugees ...

In: International Migration (online first) (2020), | Lukas M. Fuchs, Yu Fan, Christian von Scheve
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