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Ethnic externalities in education and second-generation immigrants

I analyse the role of ethnic and native human capital – defined, respectively, as the average years of schooling of ethnic groups and of natives within a specific region – and of ethnic concentrations in the educational attainment of second-generation immigrants in Germany. Compared to natives' children, parents' education has a small and insignificant effect on second-generation immigrants' education. ...

In: Applied Economics 46 (2014), 34, 4205-4217 | Firat Yaman

Exploring the Demand for Cigarettes: An Analysis of Adults in Malaysia

Smoking is an alarming public health issue in today’s rapidly urbanising society. The objective of the present study is to investigate factors associated with the demand for cigarettes among adults in Malaysia, i.e., an ASEAN country. Statistical analyses were performed using nationally representative data with a large sample. In terms of multivariate analysis, a Tobit model was used to examine the ...

In: International Journal of Business and Society 22 (2021), 3, 1302-1314 | Yong-Kang Cheah, Chien-Huey Teh, Kuang-Hock Lim, Chee-Cheong Kee

Equilibrium E<U+FB00>ects of Tax Exemptions for Low Pay

Across the world, tax exemptions for jobs with low earnings intend to incite non-participating workers to rejoin the labor market. However, such tax exemptions may also have negative equilibrium effects. The German minijob tax exemption offers a convenient case to identify equilibrium effects as it applies to some but not to other low-wage jobs. We build and estimate a structural job search model with ...

In: Labour Economics 69 (2021), 101976, 15 S. | Luke Haywood, Michael Neumann

Was halten Geringverdienende vom Mindestlohn?

Im Zentrum dieses Beitrags steht die Frage, wie Geringverdienende die Einführung des gesetzlichen Mindestlohns in Deutschland wahrnehmen. Auf Grundlage einer qualitativen Erhebung mit 31 Befragten im Rahmen von sechs Fokusgruppengesprächen, die im Sommer 2015 durchgeführt wurden, konnten vertiefte Einsichten gewonnen werden. Zunächst zeigte sich, dass Geringverdienende oftmals mit Beschäftigungshemmnissen ...

SOEPpapers 1158 | Marleen von der Heiden, Ralf K. Himmelreicher

Income-Dependent Equivalence Scales and Choice Theory: Implications for Poverty Measurement

Equivalence Scales are a tool for removing the heterogeneity of household sizes in the measurement of inequality, and affect poverty assessments and poverty lines. We address the disadvantage that poor households may suffer due to their reduced ability to share goods within the household. This disadvantage is important to estimate and embed in standard analysis, as it seems to have a substantial quantitative ...

SOEPpapers 1157 | Christos Koulovatianos, Carsten Schröder

Job quality of refugees in Austria: Trade-offs between multiple workplace characteristics

Do employers tend to exploit refugees or do they offer them high-quality jobs? This article examines the job quality of refugees from Afghanistan and Syria working in Austria. It uses unique survey data of 316 refugees and cluster analysis to identify job quality profiles. Drawing on well-established job quality frameworks, it considers multiple dimensions of job quality, including pay, job security, ...

In: German Journal of Human Resource Management 34 (2020), 4, 418-442 | Renate Ortlieb, Silvana Weiss

Health as Human Capital in Entrepreneurship: Individual, Extension, and Substitution Effects on Entrepreneurial Success

This study investigates how entrepreneurial health and spousal health influence monetary and non-monetary entrepreneurial success. Drawing on human capital theory in combination with a family embeddedness perspective on entrepreneurship and applying actor–partner interdependence models to longitudinal data, we conclude that overall spousal health constitutes an important extension of entrepreneurs’ ...

In: Entrepreneurship Theory and Practice 45 (2021), 1, 18-42 | Isabella Hatak, Haibo Zhou

Encouraged or Discouraged? The Effect of Adverse Macroeconomic Conditions on School Leaving and Reentry

Existing research generally confirms a countercyclical education enrollment, whereby youths seek shelter in the educational system to avoid hardships in the labor market: the “discouraged worker” thesis. Alternatively, the “encouraged worker” thesis predicts that economic downturns steer individuals away from education because of higher opportunity costs. This study provides a formal test of these ...

In: Sociology of Education 94 (2021), 2, 103-123 | Dirk Witteveen

Delayed Gratification in Political Participation

Delayed gratification is associated with myriad desirable outcomes—like eating right and saving money. In this article, I explore whether it also increases political participation. To this end, I provide an explicit decision-theoretic framework, which predicts that less patient individuals are less willing to vote and to donate; these forms of participation are costly before Election Day, but their ...

In: American Politics Research 49 (2021), 3, 304-312 | Jerome Schafer

A panel study of the consequences of multiple jobholding: enrichment and depletion effects

Der vorliegende Artikel leistet einen Beitrag zur Forschung über die erwerbsbiographische Einbettung multipler Arbeitsverhältnisse. Wir untersuchen die Übergangs- und Dauereffekte der Mehrfachbeschäftigung in finanzieller und nicht-finanzieller Hinsicht sowie die Rolle flexibler Arbeitsregelungen und der häuslichen Situation. Zu diesem Zweck analysieren wir Paneldaten aus Deutschland, dem Vereinigten ...

In: Transfer: European Review of Labour and Research 27 (2021), 2, 219-236 | Wieteke Conen, Jonas Stein
12356 Ergebnisse, ab 1