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SOEP-RV: Linking German Socio-Economic Panel Data to Pension Records

The aim of the project SOEP-RV is to link data from participants in the German Socio-Economic Panel (SOEP) survey to their individual Deutsche Rentenversicherung (German Pension Insurance) records. For all SOEP respondents who give explicit consent to record linkage, SOEP-RV creates a linked dataset that combines the comprehensive multi-topic SOEP data with detailed cross-sectional and longitudinal ...

In: Jahrbücher für Nationalökonomie und Statistik (online first) (2021), | Holger Lüthen, Carsten Schröder, Markus M. Grabka, Jan Goebel, Tatjana Mika, Daniel Brüggmann, Sebastian Ellert, Hannah Penz

Revisiting marital health protection: Intraindividual health dynamics around transition to legal marriage

Objective: This study analyzes the dynamics of health associated with the transition to first marriage and remaining in marriage up to 24<U+2009>years in order to estimate the protective effect of heterosexual marriage (compared to being never married, including the unpartnered, partnered, and cohabiting) on physical, mental, and self-rated health. Background: Past research produced inconclusive ...

In: Journal of Marriage and Family (online first) (2021), | Malgorzata Mikucka, Oliver Arránz Becker, Christof Wolf

Can Facebook likes predict the purchase probability of electricity storage systems?

This study among owners of photovoltaic systems investigates whether users' Big Five personality traits derived from their Facebook likes contribute to whether or not they adopt an electricity storage. It is based on the finding that the digital footprint, especially the Facebook likes, can in part predict the personality of users better than friends and family. The survey was conducted among 159 Facebook ...

In: Social Network Analysis and Mining 11 (2021), 1, 79 | Stefan Poier

Regret and Therapeutic Decisions in Multiple Sclerosis Care: Literature Review and Research Protocol

Background: Decisions based on erroneous assessments may result in unrealistic patient and family expectations, suboptimal advice, incorrect treatment, or costly medical errors. Regret is a common emotion in daily life that involves counterfactual thinking when considering alternative choices. Limited information is available on care-related regret affecting healthcare professionals managing patients ...

In: Frontiers in Neurology 12 (2021), 960, 675520 | Gustavo Saposnik, Guillermo Bueno-Gil, Ángel P. Sempere, Alfredo Rodríguez-Antigüedad, Beatriz del Río, Mar Baz, María Terzaghi, Javier Ballesteros, Jorge Maurino

Do Women Expect Wage Cuts for Part-Time Work?

Wage expectations for full- and part-time employment are key for understanding the labor supply decisions of women. However, whether women expect different wages between part-time and full-time work is not fully understood. Using German survey data, I quantify the expected full-time/part-time wage differential for a representative sample of female workers. I document that women, on average, expect ...

München und Berlin: Rationality and Competition, Collaborative Research Center Transregio 190, 2020,
(Discussion Paper No. 257)
| Annekatrin Schrenker

Panel Data in Research on Mobility and Migration: A Review of Recent Advances

Panel data has become the gold standard for causal assessments of complex human behaviour in quantitative social science. The objective of this review is to examine and discuss how panel data and related methods contribute to the identification of causal relationships in spatial mobility research. We illustrate this by providing a succinct overview of recent progress in spatial mobility research, drawing ...

In: Comparative Population Studies 46 (2021), 187-214 | Sergi Vidal, Philipp M. Lersch

Studie zur GKV für Alle: Bürgerversicherung: Eine solidarische Alternative?

Im Wahlkampf wird der Oldie zum Leben erweckt: die Bürgerversicherung als vermeintlich solidarische Alternative zur aktuellen GKV. Hält diese These einer Nachprüfung stand? Forscher des Instituts der deutschen Wirtschaft sind dem nachgegangen.

In: Ärzte Zeitung online, 2021-08-12 (2021), | Florian Staeck

Institutionalized Normality and Individual Living Situations. The Non-Take-Up of Old-Age Basic Income Support in Germany

Untersucht wird die Nichtinanspruchnahme der Grundsicherung im Alter in Deutschland mit dem SOEP (2010–2015). Gezeigt wird, dass 6 von 10 keine Leistungen beantragen. Zur Erklärung werden Unterschiede zwischen der individuellen Lebenssituation und institutionellen Normalitätsvorstellungen herangezogen. Die Empirie fokussiert drei Dimensionen: das Zurechtkommen mit schwierigen finanziellen Bedingungen ...

In: Swiss Journal of Sociology 47 (2021), 2, 181-200 | Felix Wilke

Selectivity profiles of recently arrived refugees and labour migrants in Germany

Migranten unterscheiden sich in bestimmten Merkmalen von Personen, die im Herkunftsland verbleiben. Der vorliegende Beitrag widmet sich der Beschreibung dieser Selektivitätsprofile. Das Augenmerk richtet sich auf die Charakteristiken Bildung, Alter und Geschlecht. Einerseits wird untersucht, welche Unterschiede zwischen Geflüchteten und Arbeitsmigranten zu beobachten sind; andererseits werden syrische ...

In: Soziale Welt 71 (2020), 1-2, 54-89 | Christoph Spörlein, Cornelia Kristen, Regine Schmidt, Jörg Welker

Why We Should Care About Regional Origins: Educational Selectivity Among Refugees and Labor Migrants in Western Europe

Immigrant selectivity describes the notion that migrants are not a random sample of the population at origin, but differ in certain traits such as educational attainment from individuals who stay behind. In this article, we move away from group-level descriptions of educational selectivity and measure it as an individual's relative position in the age- and gender-specific educational distribution of ...

In: Frontiers in Sociology 4 (2019), 39, | Christoph Spörlein, Cornelia Kristen
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