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SOEPnewsletter 2019-5

SOEPnewsletter May 2019

Data Service

  • The new (2017) wave of SOEP-IS data has been released. To see what the data offer, click here.
  • If you have not ordered the SOEP-IS data yet, you can place your order online in English: http://www.diw.de/SOEPorder or German: http://www.diw.de/SOEPbestellung.
  • We are pleased to present our new SOEPtutorial video series! SOEPtutorials are designed both for first-time users of the SOEP data and for users who would like a quick refresher to bring them back up to date. SOEPtutorials can be watched sequentially for a step-by-step introduction to working with the data, or individually for answers to specific questions (DIW Mediathek or SOEP YouTube).
  • We are continuing to update our documentation on the current wave of the SOEP-Core. We have integrated the SOEPlong metadata into the SOEP-Core metadata on paneldata.org in the process of updating information on the current wave of SOEP-Core (v34). In addition, we made several other improvements to paneldata.org ( details here). The metadata-based questionnaires are also now available for the current wave. Further documentation will be available soon at: https://www.doi.org/10.5684/soep.v34
  • We identified few small issues in the current wave of SOEP-Core data and have documented possible solutions (details here).
  • Correction: Some of you noticed that in the last SOEPnewsletter, we announced the release of SOEP-Core data up to 2018. This was, of course, a mistake: v34 includes data up to 2017.

Events & Activities

People & Papers

  • Now online: our SOEP People video interview with Bruce Headey, who talks about the joys of academic life, recipes for happiness, and life as a roller coaster ride. 
    SOEP People - A Conversation with Bruce Headey play_arrow Video ansehen

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    SOEP People: A Conversation with Bruce Headey

On behalf of the whole SOEP team at DIW Berlin,
Uta Rahmann