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VdF: Best Publication Prize 2009

Best Scientific Publication

First prizes:

Nicola Fuchs-Schündeln (Harvard University)
The Response of Household Saving to the Large Shock of German Unification
In: American Economic Review, 98 (5), 2008, 1798-1828
Prize money: 1000 €

Richard Layard, Guy Mayraz, Stephen J. Nickell (London School of Economics)
The Marginal Utility of Income
In: Journal of Public Economics, 92 (8-9), 2007, 1846-1857
Prize money: 1000 €

Second prizes:

Beatrice Rammstedt (GESIS, Mannheim, Germany)
Who worries and who is happy? Explaining individual differences in worries and satisfaction by personality
In: Personality and Individual Differences 43(6), 2007, 1627-1634
Prize money: 500 €

Katrin Rehdanz (University of Kiel, Germany), David Maddison (University of Birmingham, U.K.)
Local Environmental Quality and Life-Satisfaction in Germany
In: Ecological Economics 64(4), 2008, 787-797.
Prize money: 500 €

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Best Junior Publication

First prizes:
Prize money: 500 € each

Teresa Casey (University College of London) (with Christian Dustmann)
Intergenerational Transmission of Language Capital and Economic Outcomes
In: Journal of Human Resources 43(3), 2008, 660-687

Daniel Oesch (University of Geneva, Switzerland)
The changing shape of class-voting. An individual-level analysis of party support in Britain, Germany and Switzerland
In: European Societies 10(3), 2008, 329-355

Christoph Wunder (University of Bamberg, Germany) (with Johannes Schwarze, Gerhard Krug and Bodo Herzog)
Welfare effects of the euro cash changeover
In: European Journal of Political Economy 24(3), 2008, 571-586

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Best Article by Journalists

First prize:

Philipp Krohn
Die Mittelschicht schrumpft
In: Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, 26. July 2008
Prize money: 500 €

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