The SOEPmonitor gathers numerical series since the mid 80´s for chosen indicators, calculated on basis of the SOEP data.

The most important function of the SOEPmonitor - aside from reporting detailed information on the situations of individuals and households - is to give SOEP users a benchmark for their own studies. With the key figures contained in the SOEPmonitor, we offer an important reference point to evaluate the results of your own research.

Simultaneously the numerical series of the SOEPmonitor represent social indicators. With every issue of the SOEPmonitor we provide data series for the years 1984 to the current wave - disaggregated for East and West Germany since 1990 - for households and persons. Since SOEPmonitor 2007 the tables are in English language, too.

Partly the numerical series are not easy to be interpreted, e.g. if survey questions embodied by numbers have changed over time. Besides new special data collections (e.g. the random sample G measuring income, starting 2002) lead to leaps in the data. That is why you should be careful with interpreting the SOEPmonitor.

At the same time journalists can use the data of the SOEPmonitor for their reports. Because mostly detailed knowledge of the numerical series is needed our scientists offer their support. The DIW press office would like to arrange contact with experts inside and outside the DIW Berlin which are specialized and willing to help you to interpret the data.

The "Household" SOEPmonitor contains figures on the home and living situation of households; the "Individual" SOEPmonitor covers the labor market, education, income, and subjective indicators (e.g., life satisfaction).

SOEPmonitor 1984 until ...


SOEPmonitor Household 2013
(published as SOEP Survey Paper 283)

SOEPmonitor Individuals 2013
(published as SOEP Survey Paper 284)


SOEPmonitor Household 2012
(published as SOEP Survey Paper 194)

SOEPmonitor Person 2012
(published as SOEP Survey Paper 193)


SOEPmonitor Household 2011|PDF, 1.7 MB

SOEPmonitor Person 2011|PDF, 5.7 MB (published as SOEP Survey Paper)


SOEPmonitor Household 2010 (PDF, 0.65 MB)

SOEPmonitor Person 2010 (PDF, 1.94 MB) (linked to SOEP Quick Info)


SOEPmonitor Household 2009 (PDF, 0.91 MB)

SOEPmonitor Person 2009 (PDF, 2.3 MB)(linked to SOEP Quick Info)


SOEPmonitor Household 2008 (linked to SOEP Quick Info)

SOEPmonitor Persons 2007 (linked to SOEP Quick Info)


SOEPmonitor Haushalt 2007 ( linked  to SOEP Quick Info)

SOEPmonitor Personen 2007 (linked to SOEP Quick Info)

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SOEPmonitor Haushalt 2006 (linked with SOEP Quick Info)

SOEPmonitor Personen 2006 (linked with SOEP Quick Info)

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SOEPmonitor Haushalt 2005 (PDF, 133.71 KB)
SOEPmonitor Haushalt 2005 (PDF, 277.89 KB) (linked with SOEP Quick Info)
SOEPmonitor Personen 2005 (PDF, 0.66 MB)
SOEPmonitor Personen 2005 (PDF, 1.1 MB) (linked with SOEP Quick Info)

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SOEPmonitor Haushalt 2004 (PDF, 302.32 KB)
SOEPmonitor Personen 2004 (PDF, 501.67 KB)

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