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SOEP 2018 Conference - Call for Papers

Bericht vom 22. Dezember 2017

The call für papers and session contribution for our
SOEP 2018 - 13th International German Socio-Economic Panel User Conference
July 19–20, 2018, in Berlin

is open until February 15, 2018.

The conference provides researchers who use the SOEP with the opportunity to present and discuss their work with other researchers familiar with SOEP data. Researchers of all disciplines (e.g. economics, demography, geography, political science, public health, psychology and sociology) who use the SOEP or the SOEP part of the Cross-National Equivalent Files (CNEF) are invited to submit an abstract.

Call for Papers (PDF, 92 KB)

Conference website at http://www.diw.de/soep2018