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6th International Socio-Economic Panel User Conference (SOEP2004)

SOEP 2004 - Conference Papers

Session S1 "Wages"

Cawley, Lillard, Grabka: An International Comparison of the Correlation Between Obesity and Wages (abstract | PDF, 44.56 KB )

Geishecker, Georg: Winners and Losers: Fragmentation, Trade and Wages Revisited (paper | PDF, 271.6 KB )

Pannenberg, Spiess: Performance-Related Pay and Earnings Dynamics in West Germany (abstract | PDF, 64.82 KB )

Session S2 "Demography"

Kirdar: Asset Accumulation and Return Migration: A Dynamic Model ( PDF-Dokument, 443 KB)( PDF-Dokument, 443 KB) | PDF, 442.75 KB (paper, updated 18 June)

Kreyenfeld, Zabel: Determinants of Second Birth Risks in Great Britain and West Germany ( PDF-Dokument, 176 KB) (paper | PDF, 161.15 KB )

Drever, Hoffmeister: Social capital in ethnic neighborhoods: An exploration of the interconnections using the German Socio-Economic Panel Study (abstract | PDF, 67.74 KB )

Session S3 "Methods I"

Fehr, Fischbacher, Näf, Schupp, Wagner: Trust and reciprocity in Germany. Integration of survey and experimental data as powerful new method (abstract | PDF, 60.36 KB )

Jürges: Objects in the mirror are closer than they appear - Unemployment, retrospective error, and life satisfaction (paper | PDF, 94.77 KB )

Frick, Goebel, Schechtmann, Wagner, Yitzhaki: Using Analysis of Gini (ANoGi) for detecting whether two samples represent the same universe: The SOEP experience (paper | PDF, 341.46 KB )

Rendtel, Basic, Grosenick: The impact of the Non-coverage of Residential mobility. A comparison of the German Microcensus panel with the SOEP (paper | PDF, 98.6 KB )

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Session S4 "Labor I"

Anger: Unpaid Overtime in Germany: Differences between East and West (paper | PDF, 153.59 KB )

Gathmann: Are Older Cohort's the Winners of East Germany's Transition? Skill Investment, Selection Bias and Changes in Relative Wages and Welfare (abstract | PDF, 21.18 KB )

Beninger, Laisney: Estimation of collective models of household labour supply (abstract | PDF, 56.29 KB )

Fagan, Halpin, O'Reilly: Job opportunities for whom? Labour market dynamics and service sector employment growth (paper | PDF, 101.81 KB )

Session S5 "Inequality"

Burkhauser, Lillard: Income Inequality and Subsequent Health: A Cross-National Investigation (abstract | PDF, 70.91 KB )

Heineck: Up in the skies? The relationship between body height and earnings in Germany (paper | PDF, 107.31 KB )

Siedler: Is the receipt of social assistance transmitted from parents to children? Evidence from German panel data (paper | PDF, 196.46 KB , updated 21 June)

Session S6 "Institutions"

Baumgartner, Steiner: Student Aid, Repayment Obligations and Enrolment into Higher Education in Germany - Evidence from a 'Natural Experiment' (abstract | PDF, 86.38 KB )

Haan, Steiner: Distributional and Fiscal Effects of the German Tax Reform 2000 (paper | PDF, 165.9 KB )

Schneider, Uhlendorff: The Transition from Welfare to Work and the Role of Potential Employment Income (paper | PDF, 1.12 MB )

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Session S7a "Labor II"

Mertens, McGinnity: A "Two-Tier" Labour Market for Fixed-Term Jobs? Evaluating Evidence from West Germany Using Quantile Regression (paper) | PDF, 200.79 KB )

Rabe: Occupational Pensions and Job Mobility in Germany (paper | PDF, 174.16 KB )

Session S7b "Methods II"

Serfling: The interaction between unit and item non-response (paperpaper | PDF, 342.17 KB )

Schäfer, Schräpler, Müller: Identification and Impact of Faked and Fraudulent Interviews in Surveys (paper | PDF, 494.91 KB , updated 28 June)

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Session S8 "Satisfaction"

Clark, Georgellis: Kahneman meets the Quitters: Peak-End Behaviour in the Labour Market (paper | PDF, 176.27 KB , updated 21 June)

Headey, Muffels, Wooden: Money does not buy happiness - or does it ?- A reconsideration based on the combined effects of wealth, income and consumption (paper | PDF, 88.79 KB )

Lucas: Top-Down and Bottom-Up Models of Life Satisfaction Judgments (paper | PDF, 161.21 KB , updated 21 June)

Frijters, Haisken-DeNew, Shields: How Well Do Individuals Predict Their Future Life Satisfaction? Evidence from Panel Data Following a Nationwide Exogenous Shock (paper | PDF, 112.77 KB )


Beblo, Heinze, Wolf: Who gains from work time flexibility? A matching approach to assess the compensating wage differential of work time accounts (abstract | PDF, 73.89 KB )

Beblo, Ortlieb: Absenteeism revisited - The impact of working conditions and household context (abstract | PDF, 102.61 KB )

Blaess: Sibling Composition and Educational Attainment in West Germany (poster | PDF, 168.4 KB )

Breuer: Development of Sports Activity in the Course of Life. The Role of Age, Period and Cohort Effects (poster | PDF, 179.15 KB )

Ciecielag, Tomaszewski: Influence of fertility on women participation in labor market and their wages. Alternative cost of having child (poster | PDF, 200.67 KB )

Frick, Grabka: Missing Income Data in Panel Surveys: Incidence, Imputation and its Impact on the Income distribution (poster | PDF, 212.38 KB )

Haile: The Earnings Effect of Job Displacement: Evidence from the GSOEP (poster | PDF, 212.47 KB )

Reichart: Has the male breadwinner settled in East Germany? Empirical evidence from a typology of couples' employment histories after first time parenthood (abstract | PDF, 71.11 KB )

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