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SOEPnewsletter 2020-04

SOEPnewsletter April 2020 - Corona Edition

Despite this difficult time, our work at the SOEP continues almost unchanged. We have found ways to create our SOEP datasets and documentation and distribute the data through the usual channels, to launch new surveys (e.g., SOEP-CoV), and of course, to conduct and publish research with our data. Only our events have had to be cancelled: above all the SOEP Conference, which was scheduled for June 2020, and our SOEPcampus workshops. We are working to reschedule or provide alternatives for these events. In the meantime, we hope you have not suffered any severe direct or indirect negative effects of the coronavirus.

Stay safe and healthy!   

Result of the 2019 Leibniz Evaluation

The Leibniz Association Senate awarded the Socio-Economic Panel (SOEP) at DIW Berlin the rating of “excellent” for overall performance in its 2019 evaluation. The recently released evaluation report describes the SOEP as an outstanding research data infrastructure that has achieved the highest levels of recognition worldwide.
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Data Service

  • SOEP-IS data release 2018 (data 1998-2018): download links are being sent out now for the new SOEP-IS data release. Registered data users can order the data online at:
    Changes in the new data are described on our data release website.
  • SOEP-Core v 35: We detected a label error in the variable clref in the dataset bioage that could be misleading when analyzing the data. The labels for values [1] and [2] should be switched. The Stata workaround to fix the problem can be found on our website.
  • The 2017 SOEP data have been added to both the LIS (see LIS news) and the LWS Databases (see LWS news).

Events and Activities

People and Papers


CfP Workshop "Causality in the Social Sciences II"

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