Big-Five personality and political orientation: Results from four panel studies with representative German samples

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Florian Krieger, Nicolas Becker, Samuel Greiff, Frank M. Spinath

In: Journal of Research in Personality 80 (2019), June 2019, 78-83


The aim of this brief report was to replicate the meta-analytic findings concerning the relationship between Big-Five personality and political orientation reported in Sibley, Osborne, and Duckitt (2012) in a sample of N<U+202F>=<U+202F>29,015 participants from four panels involving representative German samples. We replicated the expected significant correlations for Openness to Experience (r<U+202F>=<U+202F>-0.07; 95% CI [-0.10, -0.05]) and Conscientiousness (r<U+202F>=<U+202F>0.06, 95% CI [0.05, 0.08]), but the effect sizes were smaller than in Sibley et al. (2012). We also found significant correlations for Agreeableness (r<U+202F>=<U+202F>-0.04; 95% CI [-0.05, -0.03]) and Neuroticism (r<U+202F>=<U+202F>-0.04; 95% CI [-0.06, -0.02]), indicating small but significant relations of additional Big-Five dimensions on political orientation.

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Keywords: Political orientation; Big Five; Personality; SOEP; ISSP; ALLBUS; GLES