Attitudes on Voluntary and Mandatory Vaccination against COVID-19: Evidence from Germany

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Daniel Graeber, Christoph Schmidt-Petri, Carsten Schröder

DIW Berlin, 2020,
(SSRN Working Paper)


We study the willingness to get vaccinated and the acceptance of a policy of mandatory vaccination against COVID-19 in June and July 2020 in Germany based on a representative real time survey, a random sub-sample (SOEP-CoV) of the German Socio-Economic Panel (SOEP). About 70 percent of adults in Germany would voluntarily get vaccinated against the corona virus if a vaccine without side effects was available. About half of residents of Germany are in favour, and half against, a policy of mandatory vaccination. The approval rate for mandatory vaccination is significantly higher among those who would get vaccinated voluntarily (around 60 percent) than among those who would not be vaccinated voluntarily (27 percent). The individual willingness to get vaccinated and acceptance of a policy of mandatory vaccination correlates systematically with sociodemographic and psychological characteristics of the respondents.

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