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Personality changes associated with increasing environmental concerns

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Christopher J. Hopwood, Ted Schwaba, Wiebke Bleidorn

In: Journal of Environmental Psychology 77 (2021), 101684


Using data from 58,748 participants from a nationally representative German sample, we tested preregistered hypotheses about factors that impact concerns about the environment over time. We found that environmental concerns increased modestly from 2009 to 2017. Individuals in middle adulthood tended to be more concerned and showed more consistent increases in concern over time than younger or older people. Consistent with previous research, personality traits were correlated with environmental concerns. We present novel evidence that increases in concern were related to increases in the personality traits neuroticism and openness to experience. These findings highlight the importance of understanding individual level factors associated with changes in environmental concerns over time, towards the promotion of more sustainable behavior.

Keywords: Sustainability; Environment; Climate change; Personality traits; Personality development
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