SOEP 2012 Preliminary Program

Program of the SOEP 2012 10th International German Socio-Economic Panel User Conference

Program as of June 27, 2012

Thursday June 28, 2012 (Morning)

Venue: Hertie School of Governance (HSoG), Forum A and B

8:30 - 9:30
Starting Registration & Coffee
9:30 - 11:15

Opening & Special Plenary Session I in Memory of Joachim R. Frick

Welcome: Nicolas Zimmer (Senate of Berlin) and Jürgen Schupp (SOEP at DIW Berlin)
Chair: Conchita D'Ambrosio (University of Milan)


11:15 Coffee Break
11:30 - 13:00

Plenary Session II

Chair: C. Katharina Spiess (DIW Berlin)

Keynote Speech I
Shelly Lundberg (University of California and University of Bergen):
"Personality and Educational Inequality"


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Thursday June 28, 2012 (Afternoon)

Venue: HSoG Forum A and B, DIW Berlin

14:30 - 16:00 Parallel Sessions  
 Parallel S1
Education and Vocational Training

Chair: Wolfgang Lauterbach (University of Potsdam)
Parallel S2
Well-Being and Life Satisfaction
Chair: Bruce Headey (University of Melbourne)

Parallel S3
Labour Market I
Chair: Jochen Kluve (HU Berlin and RWI Essen)

Parallel S4
Residential Mobility & Miscellaneous
Chair: Silke Anger (SOEP at DIW Berlin)
Parallel S5
Fertility, Parental Leave & Maternal (Re-)Employment I
Chair: Heike Trappe (University of Rostock)

Sources of growing labour market inequalities among low-skilled men in Western Germany
Johannes Giesecke, Jan Paul Heisig and Heike Solga
Abstract | PDF, 14.65 KB

Working time arrangements and well-being of couples: Are there spillovers?
Guido Heineck, Christoph Wunder

Abstract | PDF, 6.72 KB

The Making of a Good Woman: Motherhood, Leave Entitlements and Women's Work Attachment
Markus Gangl,
Andrea Ziefle

Abstract | PDF, 10.57 KB

How Far Do Children Move? Spatial Distances After Leaving the Parental Home
Thomas Leopold, Ferdinand Geißler, Sebastian Pink

| PDF, 37.43 KB
Paper | PDF, 282.47 KB

A Couple-Perspective on Fertility Outcomes: Do Relative Resources Matter for First and Second Births?
Natalie Nitsche

Abstract | PDF, 29.61 KB

Educational Choice and Risk Aversion: How Important Is Structural vs. Individual Risk Aversion?
Vanessa Hartlaub, Thorsten Schneider

Abstract | PDF, 13.22 KB

Flexibilisation without Hesitation? Temporary Contracts and Workers' Satisfaction
Adrian Chadi,  Clemens Hetschko

Abstract | PDF, 62.54 KB

The Ins and Outs of German Unemployment
Matthias S. Hertweck, Oliver Sigrist

Abstract | PDF, 233.7 KB

A new approach to estimate the precuniary return to geographic mobility
Fabian Kratz, Josef Brüderl

Abstract | PDF, 7.33 KB

Fertility decisions and children opportunity costs: A panel study for Germany
Denis Beninger

| PDF, 9.03 KB
Paper | PDF, 208.44 KB


Social Inequalities in Continuing Vocational Training
Alexander Yendell

Abstract | PDF, 29.17 KB

Bleak Prospects? How Air Pollution affects Life Satisfaction in Germany
Maike Schmitt

| PDF, 364.88 KB
Paper | PDF, 0.53 MB
Differential employment prospects among atypical employees: Effects of type of contract or worker preference?
Jan Brülle

Abstract | PDF, 12.93 KB
Long-Distance moves and labour market outcomes of dual-earner couples in the UK and Germany
Philipp Lersch

Abstract | PDF, 49 KB
Paper | PDF, 358.95 KB
Perceived Economic Uncertainty and Fertility - Evidence from a Labor Market Reform
Barbara Hofmann,
Katrin Hohmeyer

Abstract | PDF, 64.63 KB
16:00  Coffee Break
16:15 - 17:45
The returns to education for opportunity entrepreneurs, necessity entrepreneurs and regular employees
Frank Fossen, Tobias Büttner

Abstract | PDF, 16.47 KB

An economic valuation of natural land areas in Germany
Angela Kopmann, Katrin Rehdanz

Abstract | PDF, 8.23 KB

Trade Union Membership and Sickness Absence: Evidence from a Sick Pay Reform
Markus Pannenberg, Laszlo Goerke

Abstract | PDF, 8.21 KB

Long-distance spatial mobility in Western Germany. A comparison between minorities of Turkish ancestry and native Germans
Belit Şaka

| PDF, 323.77 KB
Presentation (short) | PDF, 0.55 MB

Social Participation over the Life Course: A Longitudinal Study of Work and Family Events
Jonas Radl, Bram Lancee

Abstract | PDF, 54.62 KB

 Gender differences in further training participation: The role of individuals, households and firms
Claudia Burgard

Abstract | PDF, 33.6 KB

The Welfare State as Stress-Buffer? Job Loss and Psychological Well-Being in Four Countries
Chris Reece, Kristen Harknett

Abstract | PDF, 88.03 KB

Bridge Unemployment in Germany: Response in Labour Supply to an Increased Early Retirement Age Among the Unemployed
Michael Kind,
Matthias Giesecke

Abstract | PDF, 402.74 KB

Family background, informal networks and the decision to provide for old age: A siblings approach
Bettina Lamla

| PDF, 73.02 KB
Paper (first draft)
| PDF, 354.46 KB

The Impact of Social Support Networks on Maternal Employment: A Comparison of Western German, Eastern German and Migrant Mothers
Mareike Wagner

Abstract | PDF, 6.5 KB


A New Color in the Picture - The Impact of Educational Fields on Fertility in Western Germany
Anja Oppermann

Abstract | PDF, 75.13 KB

Panel Conditioning and Subjective Well-Being: Evidence from International Panel Data and Repeated Cross-Sections
Bert Van Landeghem

| PDF, 154.75 KB
Paper | PDF, 155.2 KB
Does Temporary Employment Mitigate the Scar Effects of Unemployment? A Cross-Country Comparison based on British, German and Swiss Panel Data
Michael Gebel

Abstract | PDF, 8.44 KB

The Role of Survey Methodology in the Reporting of Satisfaction - An Investigation of Interview-Specific Effects in the SOEP
Adrian Chadi

Abstract | PDF, 16.18 KB

Time is Money - The Influence of Parenthood Timing on Wages
Michael Kind, Jan Kleibrink

Abstract | PDF, 99.12 KB
Paper | PDF, 282.26 KB

17:45 - 18:30

Poster Session I

Dean R. Lillard (Cornell University)

Jan Marcus: "The effect of involuntary Unemployment on the mental health of spouses" (Poster | PDF, 211.55 KB )

Frieder Kropfhäußer, Marco Sunder: "A weighty issue revisited: the effect of body weight on earnings and satisfaction in Germany" (Abstract | PDF, 72.9 KB )

Nico Stawarz, Oliver Arránz Becker: "Occupational Attainment and Career Mobility over the Life Course in Germany - A Case for Latent Growth Curve Analysis" (Abstract | PDF, 81.8 KB and Paper | PDF, 87.67 KB )

Stephan Humpert, Christian Pfeifer: "Explaining Age and Gender Differences in Employment Rates: A Labor Supply Side Perspective" (Abstract | PDF, 82.87 KB and Poster | PDF, 2.04 MB )

Frauke Peter: "Trick or treat? Maternal involuntary job loss and children’s non-cognitive skills"

SOEP team: "Innovations in the Longitudinal Socio-Economic Panel Study (SOEP)"

Martin Kroh, Daniel Schnitzlein, Silke Anger: "Intergenerational Mobility and the mportance of Family Background"

Joachim R. Frick, Markus M. Grabka, Anika Rasner: "Extending the Empirical Basis for Wealth Inequality Research"

Ingrid Tucci: "Linking SOEP Data with Qualitative Data: Possibilities and Prospects"

18:30 Aperitivo: Wine, Cheese & Olives

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Friday, June 29, 2012 (Headquarter of the Leibniz Association in Berlin)

09:00 - 11:15Parallel Sessions
 Parallel S6
Chair: Ingrid Tucci (SOEP at DIW Berlin)
Parallel S7
Labour Market II
Chair: Alexandra Spitz-Oener (HU Berlin)
Parallel S8
Income and Inequality & Intergenerational Analysis
Chair: Olaf Groh-Samberg (University of Bremen)
Parallel S9
Fertility, Parental Leave & Maternal (Re-)Employment II
Chair: Katharina Wrohlich (DIW Berlin)
 Explaining Differences Between the Expected and Actual Duration Until Return Migration: Economic Changes and Behavioral Factors
Gerard J. van den Berg,
Michele A. Weynandt

Abstract | PDF, 108.07 KB

Higher and Higher? Performance Pay and Wage Inequality in Germany
Katrin Sommerfeld

| PDF, 38.13 KB
Paper | PDF, 349.42 KB

Factor Shares and Income Inequality - Empirical Evidence from Germany 2002-2008
Kai Daniel Schmid, Martin Adler

| PDF, 116.86 KB
Paper | PDF, 271.57 KB

The role of part-time employment for mothers in Germany: Stepping Stone in the East, Dead End in the West?
Julia Simonson, Laura Romeu Gordo, Nadiya Kelle

Abstract | PDF, 18.91 KB


Moving to Move Up? Economic and occupational mobility of German migrants to the US
Dean R. Lillard, Anna Manzoni

Abstract | PDF, 105.14 KB

 Trends in the Intergenerational Transmission of Occupational Preferences, Segregation, and Wage Inequality - Empirical Evidence from Europe and the United States
Veronika V. Eberharter

Abstract | PDF, 60.32 KB

The Effect of Education on Fertility: Evidence from a Compulsory Schooling Reform
Kamila Cygan-Rehm,
Miriam Mäder

| PDF, 40.36 KB
Paper | PDF, 4.01 MB


Does citizenship matter? The impact of citizenship policy on migrants' living conditions
Hans-Jürgen Andreß, Romana Careja, Joscha Dick, Marco Giesselmann

Abstract | PDF, 48.82 KB

Shall I help you my dear? Examining variations in social support for career advancement within partnerships
Katrin Golsch, Andrea Zochert

Abstract | PDF, 30.01 KB

He's a chip off the old block - The persistency of occupational choices among generations
Bodo Knoll, Nadine Riedel,
Eva Schlenker

| PDF, 78.35 KB
Paper | PDF, 173.46 KB
The impact of parental leave policy on child rearing and employment behaviour: the case of Germany
Serafima Chirkova

Abstract | PDF, 76.39 KB

Linguistic Distance and the Language Fluency of Immigrants
Ingo E. Isphording,
Sebastian Otten

Abstract | PDF, 1.3 MB

Is occupational mobility in Germany hampered by the dual vocational system? Results of an Anglo-German comparison
Parvati Trübswetter, Thomas Rhein, Natascha Nisic

Abstract | PDF, 12.23 KB

A feasible basic income scheme for Germany
Maximilian Sommer

Abstract | PDF, 123.22 KB

Parenthood and subsequent employment: Changes in male and female careers across cohorts
Laura Romeu Gordo, Julia Simonson, Nadiya Kelle, Clemens Tesch-Römer

Abstract | PDF, 90.93 KB

 Surprisingly absent! On the earnings penalty of second-generation immigrants in Germany
Chris Jürschik

Abstract | PDF, 34.28 KB

11:15 - 11:30 Coffee Break   
 11:30 - 13:00

Plenary Session III
Chair: Jürgen Schupp (SOEP at DIW Berlin)

Keynote Speech II:
Janet Gornick (LIS - Cross-National Data Center in Luxembourg and City University of New York):
"Gender, Work, Family, and Social Policy: A Cross-National Perspective"

13:00 - 14:15 Lunch
14:15 - 16:30 Parallel Sessions   

Parallel S10
Chair: Thomas Siedler (University of Hamburg and DIW Berlin)

Parallel S11
Political and Social Participation
Chair: Martin Kroh (SOEP at DIW Berlin)
Parallel S12 Income and Inequality & Intergenerational Analyis II
Chair:Markus M. Grabka (SOEP at DIW Berlin)
Parallel S13
Interindividual Differences and Personality Traits & the Early Lifecourse
Chair: Gisela Trommsdorff (University of Konstanz)
 Educational and Ethnic Inequalities in Preterm Birth
Carolyn Stolberg, Sten Becker

Abstract | PDF, 18.38 KB

The influence of income and wealth on the individual party preference in Germany
Mathias Klein

Abstract | PDF, 9.14 KB
Cohort Size Effects on the German Wage Distribution
Sarah Okoampah

Abstract | PDF, 29.93 KB
Trust Pays
Ruben de Bliek

| PDF, 84.29 KB
Paper | PDF, 486.8 KB
 Single motherhood: A stage of life as a health risk factor? A longitudinal analysis of physical and mental health among single mothers in Germany
Mine Hancioglu

Abstract | PDF, 57.96 KB

Issue Ownership and Electoral Change: A Longitudinal Perspective
Bram Lancee, Sergi Pardos-Prado, Inaki Sagarzazu

| PDF, 75.09 KB
Wage Trajectories of occupational changers 1993-2010 - a comparison between Germany and Great Britain
Parvati Trübswetter, Natascha Nisic

Abstract | PDF, 59.54 KB
Adolescent Sports Participation, Social Skills and Attitudes, and the School-to-Work Transition
Benjamin Fuchs, Aderonke Osikominu

| PDF, 59.49 KB
Paper | PDF, 4.39 MB
 Rethinking the Relative Income Hypothesis
Cristina Blanco-Pérez

| PDF, 7.34 KB
Paper | PDF, 364.3 KB

Changing High Cultural Activities over the Life Course in Germany
Bettina Isengard

Abstract | PDF, 16.68 KB

Changes in the patterns of poverty duration in Germany: relieve of poverty or new poverty traps?
Iryna Kyzyma

Abstract | PDF, 144.14 KB

Measuring Infant Development. Concordance of survey and observational measures
Malte Sandner

Abstract | PDF, 92.49 KB


In absolute or relative terms? How framing prices affects the consumer price sensitivity of health plan choice
Hendrik Schmitz,
Nicolas R. Ziebarth

| PDF, 33.65 KB
Paper | PDF, 323.99 KB

 The effect of public sector employment on wage distribution compression: An analysis of the German private-public wage gap 1984 to 2010
Miriam Reuschel

Abstract | PDF, 83.29 KB
Perceived Control Facilitates Adjustment to Unemployment: Findings from the German Socio-Economic Panel Study (SOEP)
Frank Infurna, Denis Gerstorf, Nilam Ram, Gert G. Wagner, Jutta Heckhausen

| PDF, 11.84 KB
Paper | PDF, 0.51 MB
16:30 - 17:00 Coffee Break    
17:00 - 17:45

Poster Session II

Chair: Thorsten Schneider (University of  Leipzig)

Bodo Knoll, Nadine Riedel, Eva Schlenker: "The Geography of the Family: On Strategic Education Choices and Parents' Preferences for Keeping their Children Close" (Abstract | PDF, 77.93 KB and Poster | PDF, 73.41 KB )

Anja Bruhn, Denis Huschka, Gert G. Wagner: "A representative analysis of the name-letter-effect"

Miriam Bröckel, Anne Busch, Kathrin Golsch: "Holding a Leadership Position in Dual-Career Couples: Do Resources of the Partner Matter?"

Pia Schober: "Child care leave and child care time: Direct and indirect effects of parental leave policies on maternal and paternal care"

Nadiya Kelle: "Changing Employment Patterns of West German Women after First Childbirth: A Comparison of Cohorts born between 1936 and 1965"

Regina Flake: "Multigenerational Living Arrangements among Migrants" (Abstract | PDF, 26.54 KB and Poster | PDF, 1.69 MB )

18:00 - 19:00

Closing Plenary Session

  • Felix Büchel Award 2012
  • Joachim R. Frick Memorial Prize 2012 (best presentations)
  • Goodbye
19:15 - 22:00
Farewell Dinner

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