The library is a service provided by DIW Berlin and caters mainly to the Institute’s researchers and staff. External users may use the library as a reference library. Available material can be viewed in the reading room and copied.

The library also houses the Customer Service of DIW Berlin. Please feel free to contact Customer Service with questions concerning research results and publications of the Institute. You can reach us on site, by phone, or by email.

About our collection

The library's collection focuses on the wide array of topics that are researched at DIW Berlin. It has extensive collections of national and international institutions, such as the United Nations, the OECD, or the German Federal Statistical Office. In addition it contains all publications of DIW Berlin and all external publications of its researchers starting with the year 1995.

In all, the library at DIW Berlin holds over some 67,000 books and 500 journals. Older items that predate our online catalog are currently being indexed.