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Janina Britzke

Janina Britzke

Staff Member of the Division Knowledge Transfer of the

German Socio-Economic Panel study Research Infrastructure


+49 30 89789 - 418
Working Areas
  • SOEP event management
  • publications (SOEPpapers | Survey Papers | Annual Report)
  • knowledge transfer (social media | web content)
  • project coordinator NFDI consortium KonsortSWD | Task Area 3
Janina Britzke has been supporting the SOEP team (non scientific) since 2011 and is currently working in the area of knowledge transfer. The sociologist studied at the University of Leipzig and the Erasmus University of Rotterdam and focuses in particular on the topics of organization, coordination and communication at SOEP. She has completed further training in scientific documentation and event management.


SOEP Wave Report 9 / 2019

SOEP Wave Report 2018

2019| Janina Britzke, Jürgen Schupp (Eds.)
SOEP Wave Report 8 / 2018

SOEP Wave Report 2017

2018| Janina Britzke, Jürgen Schupp (Eds.)
SOEP Wave Report 7 / 2017

SOEP Wave Report 2016

2017| Janina Britzke, Jürgen Schupp (Eds.)

Research Projects

Research Project


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