Prof. Dr. Gert G. Wagner

Senior Research Fellow in the

German Socio-Economic Panel study Infrastruktureinrichtung

Research Topics and Working Areas

Gert G. Wagner is Professor of Economics, Senior Research Fellow at the German Socio-Economic Panel (SOEP) study, Max Planck Fellow at the MPI for Human Development (Berlin), Research Associate of the Alexander von Hmboldt-Institute for Internet and Society (HIIG) in Berlin and  member of the "National Academy of Science and Engineering (acatech)".

Wagner is chairman of The Social Advisory Council (Sozialbeirat) and he serves on the evaluation panel of the Research Foundation - Flanders (FWO).

In 2018 Gert G. Wagner received a honoris causa doctorate (Dr. rer. pol. h.c.) from the Faculty of Management, Economics and Social Sciences of the University of Cologne (Universitaet zu Koeln). In 2018 Wagner was awarded the Officer's Cross of the Order of Merit of the Federal Republic of Germany (2007 he was  awarded the "Knight's Cross") .

Wagner was a member of the German Science Council (Wissenschaftsrat), an elected reviewer of German National Science Foundation (DFG), a member  of the Methodolgy and Infrastructure Committees (MIC) of ESRC/UK, the Advisory Board to the British Household Panel study (BHPS) and the Swiss Household Panel (SHP), and of the user selection panel of the European Large Scale Facility European Centre for Analysis in the Social Sciences (ECASS), University of Essex. He was the first treasurer of the Society for the Study of Economic Inequality (ECINEQ).

Wagner was chairman of the Census Commission  and he served as an expert 2003-04 on the German Council of Experts on Immigration and Integration, on the German Data Forum (RatSWD), on the Federal Commission for the Sustainability of Financing the Welfare State, on the Advisory Board to the Federal Ministry of Consumer Protection, and  he was a member of the Study Commissions "Growth, Wealth and Well-Being" and "Demographic Change" of the German Parliament (Enquete Kommissionen "Wachstum, Wohlstand, Lebensqualitaet" und "Demographischer Wandel" des Deutschen Bundestags)

From 1989-2011 Wagner was director of the German Socio-Economic Panel (SOEP) study, from 2011 - 2013 he was President of the German Institute for Economic Research Berlin and from 2002-2018 he was Full Professor of Economics at the Berlin University of Technology (TUB), 1997-2002 Full Professor of Economics at Viadrina European University of Frankfurt (Oder) and 1992-97 Full Professor of Public Administration at Ruhr-University Bochum. In the academic years 2008  to 2010 Wagner taught as a fellow at the Max Weber Center for Advanced Cultural and Social Studies in the University of Erfurt.

Wagner was visiting professor at Cornell University, Syracuse University and American University, Washington, D.C., and a visiting scholar at numerous research institutes in Germany and the US. Since 2016 he is again a research fellow of IZA Bonn.

Among others, Wagner received grants under the European Framework Programs, from the German-American Academic Council, the National Institute on Aging (USA), G.I.F., Anglo-German Foundation (AFG), TESS (USA), and the German National Science Foundation (Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft).

In celebration of Gert G. Wagner’s 65th birthday, he was presented with a Festschrift in his honor: Innovation und Wissenstransfer in der empirischen Sozial- und Verhaltenforschung (innovation and knowledge transfer in the social and behavioral sciences), edited by Marcel Erlinghagen, Karsten Hank, and Michaela Kreyenfeld, Frankfurt am Main and New York: CAMPUS.

Wagner published papers in international journals such as Ageing & Society, Behavior Genetics, Behavior Research Methods, British Medical Journal, Developmental Psychology, Emotion, European Journal of Public Health, European Economic Review, Environmental Policy and Governance, Industrial and Labor Relations Review, Geneva Papers on Risk and Insurance, International Journal of Epidemiology, International Migration Review, Journal of Conflict Resolution, Journal of the European Economic Association, Journals of Gerontolgy, Journal of Official Statistics, Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, Journal of Public Economics, LIBER Quarterly, LIBREAS, Nature Genetics, PLoS one, Population and Development Review, PNAS, Psychology and Aging, Psychlogical Science, Scientific Reports and Survey Research Methods as well as Communication/Letters in Nature and Science.



DIW aktuell ; 59 / 2021

Kein „Entweder-oder“: Eltern sorgen sich im Lockdown um Bildung und Gesundheit ihrer Kinder

2021| Mathias Huebener, Nico A. Siegel, C. Katharina Spieß, Christian Spinner, Gert G. Wagner
SOEP Survey Papers ; 898 : Series C - Data Documentations (Datendokumentationen) / 2020

The Socio-Economic Module of the Berlin Aging Study II (SOEP-BASE): Description, Structure, and Questionnaire

2020| Anke Boeckenhoff, Denise Sassenroth, Martin Kroh, Thomas Siedler, Peter Eibich, Gert G. Wagner
SOEPpapers 1104 / 2020

How People Know their Risk Preference

2020| Ruben C. Arslan, Martin Brümmer, Thomas Dohmen, Johanna Drewelies, Ralph Hertwig, Gert G. Wagner
DIW Wochenbericht 34 / 2020

Werbung für Corona-App stärker auf junge Leute konzentrieren: Kommentar

2020| Gert G. Wagner
Externe referierte Aufsätze

Acceptance of Criteria for Health and Driver Scoring In the General Public in Germany

In: PloS one 16 (2021), 4, e0250224, 14 S. | Felix G. Rebitschek, Gerd Gigerenzer, Ariane Keitel, Sarah Sommer, Christian Groß, Gert G. Wagner
Externe referierte Aufsätze

The Role of Objective Neighborhood Characteristics for Perceptions of Control

In: Gerontology (2021), im Ersch. | Johanna Drewelies, Peter Eibich, Sandra Düzel, Simone Kühn, Christian Krekel, Jan Goebel, Jens Kolbe, Ilja Demuth, Ulman Lindenberger, Gert G. Wagner, Denis Gerstorf
Externe referierte Aufsätze

Alternative Recipes for Life Satisfaction: Evidence from Five World Regions

In: Applied Research in Quality of Life (2021), im Ersch. [online first: 2021-03-25] | Bruce Headey, Gisela Trommsdorff, Gert G. Wagner
Externe referierte Aufsätze

Gender Score Development in the Berlin Aging Study II: A Retrospective Approach

In: Biology of Sex Differences 12 (2021), 15, 10 S. | Ahmad Tauseef Nauman, Hassan Behlouli, Nicholas Alexander, Friederike Kendel, Johanna Drewelies, Konstantinos Mantantzis, Nora Berger, Gert G. Wagner, Denis Gerstorf, Ilja Demuth, Louise Pilote, Vera Regitz-Zagrosek
Externe referierte Aufsätze

Parental Well-Being in Times of Covid-19 in Germany

In: Review of Economics of the Household 19 (2021), 1, S. 91-122 | Sevrin Waights, C. Katharina Spiess, Gert G. Wagner, Nico A. Siegel, Mathias Huebener



Das 'Volleigenständige System' in der Altersvorsorge 'Revisited'

Gert G. Wagner
Berlin, 07.12.2017 - 08.12.2017
| Lebensformen, Erwerbsverläufe und die Alterssicherung von Frauen: Workshop, Hertie School of Governance

Bewohnergespräche zu Bildern: ein neuer Ansatz

Gert G. Wagner
Bochum, 16.11.2017
| Wege zur Metropole Ruhr – Heimat im Wandel: Kongress


Gert G. Wagner
Bochum, 16.11.2017
| Wege zur Metropole Ruhr – Heimat im Wandel: Kongress

Zur Selektivität von Oral History auf repräsentativer Basis

Gert G. Wagner
Bad Homburg, 08.11.2017 - 09.11.2017
| Mikrodaten für die Zeitgeschichte: Workshop der Werner-Reimers-Stiftung

Research Projects

Research Project

Going for gold? The intangible effects of the Olympic Games in London, Paris and Berlin

Completed Project| German Socio-Economic Panel study
Research Project

Leibniz Network "Non-Cognitive Skills: Acquisition and Economic Consequences"

Completed Project| Education and Family, German Socio-Economic Panel study
Research Project

Life Course, Ageing and Well-Being (LAW)

Completed Project| German Socio-Economic Panel study
Research Project

The “Discovery” of Youth’s Learning Potential Early in the Life Course

Completed Project| German Socio-Economic Panel study