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Global Coal Markets

Completed Project

Project Period

April 1, 2008 - April 1, 2010

Commissioned by

Stanford University

DIW Berlin developed in the framework of a joint research project with Stanford University's Program on Energy and Sustainable Development PESD the model Coalmod-World. Coal is not only the dirtiest but also the most consumed of all fossil energy sources worldwide. This research project aimed at capturing the current state of the main coal markets in the world, namely the US, China, South Africa, India, Australia, and Indonesia. The model-based analyses served to highlight the role of particular suppliers and consumers in the global market. In the long run, a well-founded understanding of the drivers of coal consumption and trade is important in order to be able to assess the effectiveness of climate policies.


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Haftendorn, C., Holz, F., Winke, T., von Hirschhausen, C. (2012): Perspektiven des globalen Kesselkohlenmarktes: das COALMOD-World-Modell.
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DIW Team