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"Germany Particularly Affected by Current Influx of Refugees": Five Questions to Karl Brenke

Interview of September 24, 2015

Mr. Brenke, a large number of asylum seekers are currently making their way into Europe. Is this affecting Germany more than it is affecting other countries in  Europe?

Yes, this is quite clearly the case: According to current figures, half of this summer’s asylum seekers are headed to Germany. Assuming a uniform distribution across the EU, Germany receives three times as many asylum seekers as do other countries, and based on each respective country’s economic power, it receives twice as many. Some countries are being even more heavily affected: Hungary, Bulgaria, and Sweden, for example.  The other large EU countries — Britain, France, Spain, and Italy — are accepting relatively few asylum seekers. [...]

The interview with Karl Brenke is published in DIW Economic Bulletin 39/2015. (PDF, 177.85 KB)

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