SOEP 2016 Program

Program of the SOEP 2016 -

12th International German Socio-Economic Panel User Conference

Program as of June 21, 2016

Wednesday June 22, 2016 (morning)

Venue: Berlin Social Science Center (WZB)

8:30 - 9:30 Registration
9:30 - 11:15

Plenary Session I (Room: A 300)

Welcome Address
Marcel Fratzscher (President, DIW Berlin)

Recent Developments in the SOEP

The Family of SOEP Longitudinal Studies - SOEP-Core and SOEP-IS (Jürgen Schupp)

SOEP-Migration-Samples 2013/2014 (Martin Kroh)

Minimum Wage Module (Alexandra Fedorets)

11:15 Coffee Break
11:45 - 13:00

Plenary Session II: Demography and Social Mobility (Room: A 300)

Keynote Speech I: Parental Family Dynamics and Children’s Life Chances
Berkay Özcan (London School of Economics and Political Science LSE, UK)

13:00 - 14:00 Lunch (WZB staff restaurant)

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Wednesday June 22, 2016 (afternoon)

Venue: Berlin Social Science Center (WZB)

14:00 - 16:00

Parallel Sessions
Parallel S1
Parents and Children
Parallel S2
Employment I
Parallel S3
Income Dynamics
Parallel S4

Chair: Carsten Schröder (FU Berlin and SOEP/DIW Berlin)

Chair: Alexandra Fedorets (SOEP/DIW Berlin)

Chair: Jan Goebel (SOEP/DIW Berlin)

Chair: Elke Holst (DIW Berlin)

Room: A 300

Room: A 310

Room: B 002/003

Room: B 004/005

Do parents treat (their) children differently?

Martin Diewald, Wendy Johnson, Volker Lang

abstract | PDF, 146.56 KB

The dynamics of solo self-employment: Persistence and transition to employership

Daniel S. J. Lechmann,
Christoph Wunder

abstract | PDF, 9.24 KB

Income dynamics of liberal professions, entrepreneurs and employees.

Mirko Felchner

abstract | PDF, 144.79 KB

The Gender Earnings Rift – Assessing Hourly Earnings Distributions of Males and Females using Structured Additive Distributional Regression
Alexander Sohn

abstract | PDF, 116.84 KB

Technological Change and the Intergenerational Effect on Schooling

Annemarie Paul, Thomas Siedler

abstract | PDF, 179.92 KB

Earnings Inequality and non-Standard Employment on Three Continents

Ira N. Gang, Myeong-Su Yun

abstract | PDF, 11.15 KB

Dynamics of income rank volatility: Evidence from Germany and the US

Louis Chauvel, Anne Hartung, Flaviana Palmisano

abstract | PDF, 80.86 KB

paper | PDF, 3.14 MB

At School in the Afternoon: Labour Supply of German Mothers with Primary School Children

Ludovica Gambaro, Jan Marcus, Frauke Peter

abstract | PDF, 78.68 KB

Dynastic Inequality and Persistence of Human Capital Over Three Generations

Guido Neidhöfer, Maximilian Stockhausen

abstract | PDF, 53.98 KB

No Role for the Hartz Reforms? Demand and Supply Factors in the German Labor Market, 1993-2014
Michael C. Burda, Stefanie Seele

abstract | PDF, 144.54 KB

Lifetime income inequality with taxation and public benefits

Peter Haan, Daniel Kemptner, Victoria Prowse

abstract | PDF, 31.4 KB

Why managerial women are less happy than managerial men

Hilke Brockmann, Anne Maren Koch, Adele Diederich,  Christofer Edling

abstract | PDF, 147.66 KB

Locus of Control and Mothers' Return to Employment

Eva M. Berger, Luke Haywood

abstract | PDF, 49.15 KB

Performance Pay and Wage Inequality: Evidence from Germany and Great Britain
Pieter De Vlieger

abstract | PDF, 83.38 KB

paper | PDF, 1.16 MB

A general approach to income dynamics and

Francesca Marino, Vito Peragine, Laura Serlenga

abstract | PDF, 40.57 KB

16:00 Coffee Break
16:15 - 18:15 Parallel Session
Parallel S5
Parallel S6
Employment II
Parallel S7
Parallel S8

Chair: Nicolas Legewie (SOEP/DIW Berlin)

Chair: Carsten Schröder (FU Berlin and SOEP/DIW Berlin)

Chair: Martin Kroh (HU Berlin and SOEP/DIW Berlin)

Chair: Markus M. Grabka (SOEP/DIW Berlin)

Room: B 002/003

Room: B 004/005

Room: A 310

Room: A 300

Comparing Sibling Similarity in Education Within and Between Countries
Michael Grätz, Kieron Barclay, Øyvind Wyborg,Torkild H. Lyngstad, Aleksi Karhula, Jani Erola, Patrick Präg, Thomas Laidley, Dalton Conley

abstract | PDF, 11.5 KB

Comparing the Employment of Older Workers in UK and Germany
David Wright

abstract | PDF, 393.53 KB
paper | PDF, 1.14 MB
presentation | PDF, 1.68 MB

Context Effects on Attitudes Towards Immigration - Evidence from German Panel Data
Stephan Dochow

abstract | PDF, 11.58 KB

The true richness: savings and children among German, Swiss and Australian families
Ursina Kuhn, Laura Ravazzini

abstract | PDF, 61.98 KB

Cognitive and non-cognitive Skills and the Reproduction of Inequalities
Wiebke Schulz, Reinhard Schunck

abstract | PDF, 25.07 KB

Losing (Locus) of Control: An Economic Perspective on Psychological Reactions to Unemployment Shocks
Malte Preuss, Juliane Hennecke

abstract | PDF, 107.66 KB

The Economic Assimilation of Immigrants: Comparative Evidence from the Long-Term Panel Studies in Germany and Russia
Apoorva Jain, Klara Sabirianova Peter

abstract | PDF, 36.88 KB

Retirement preparedness across cohorts in Germany

Johannes Geyer, Peter Haan, Holger Lüthen

abstract | PDF, 110.63 KB

Sibling similarity in socioeconomic status attainment over the early life course

Lea Kröger

abstract | PDF, 61.12 KB

Using the SOEP data to enable innovative research

Jianghong Li, Matthias Pollmann-Schult, and Till Kaiser

abstract | PDF, 76.29 KB

The Intermarriage Mental Health Premium. Does Marrying a Native Increase Immigrants' Well-being?
Gina Potarca, Laura Bernardi

abstract | PDF, 38.61 KB

Wealth portfolios and wealth accumulation in Upper Middle Classes

Nora Waitkus, Olaf Groh-Samberg

abstract | PDF, 33.4 KB

Twin correlations and social background - descriptive evidence for Germany

Tina Baier

abstract | PDF, 23.03 KB

Time use, Experienced Well-being and Labor Market Status

Tobias Wolf, Maria Metzing, Richard E. Lucas

abstract | PDF, 19.74 KB

Competing with the natives: Does discrimination explain migrants’ labor market outcomes?

Romana Careja and Hans-Jürgen Andreß

abstract | PDF, 63.74 KB

presentation | PDF, 214.87 KB

Cultural Determinants of Household Saving Behavior

Nicola Fuchs-Schündeln, Paolo Masella, Hannah Paule-Paludkiewicz

abstract | PDF, 54.5 KB

18:15 - 19:00

Poster Session I - 8 Poster Presentations (Room: A 305)

Chair: Berkay Özcan (London School of Economics and Political Science LSE, UK)

Claudia Kröll and Stephan Nüesch
The Effects of Flexible Work Practices on Employees’ Work and Non-Work Attitudes. A Panel Analysis (abstract | PDF, 85.79 KB )

Andrea Siebert-Meyerhoff
The Motherhood Wage Gap: Does Timing Matter? (abstract | PDF, 49.1 KB and poster | PDF, 195.08 KB )

Thorsten Schneider
Children of unplanned pregnancies – A challenge for testing fertility parameters? (poster/abstract | PDF, 80.91 KB )

Clemens Hetschko and Malte Preuss
Income in Jeopardy: How Losing Employment Affects the Willingness to Take Risks (available as SOEPpaper No. 813 | PDF, 475.3 KB , 2015) (abstract | PDF, 203.87 KB )

Laszlo Goerke, Olga Lorenz
Is your commute really making you fat?: The causal effect of commuting distance on height-adjusted weight (abstract | PDF, 214.13 KB and poster | PDF, 0.52 MB )

Sabine Hübgen
Routes into lone motherhood – routes into poverty? The importance of selection for explaining lone mothers' poverty risks (abstract | PDF, 47.68 KB )

Anja Ghetta and Andreas Hirschi
Relationship between personality and work success differs for women and men (abstract | PDF, 59.1 KB and poster | PDF, 360.6 KB )

Hannah Zagel
Single parents' social integration: differences between East and West Germany (abstract | PDF, 64.06 KB )

19:00 Aperitivo/Get Together

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Thursday, June 23, 2016 (morning)

Venue: Berlin Social Science Center (WZB)

09:30 - 11:30 Parallel Sessions
Parallel S9
Parallel S10
Parallel S11
Well Being
Parallel S12
Health I

Chair: Elisabeth Liebau (SOEP/DIW Berlin)

Chair: David Richter (SOEP/DIW Berlin)

Jan Goebel (SOEP/DIW Berlin)

Jürgen Schupp (FU Berlin and SOEP/DIW Berlin)

Room: A 300

Room: A 310

Room: B 002/003

Room: B 004/005

Intergenerational Patterns of Family Formation in East and West Germany
Zachary Van Winkle,
Anette Fasang, Marcel Raab

abstract | PDF, 201.59 KB

Let Bygones be Bygones? Socialist Regimes and Personalities in Germany

Tim Friehe, Markus Pannenberg, Michael Wedow

abstract | PDF, 13.15 KB
paper | PDF, 0.75 MB

The German Middle Class – the nervous centre of society? A panel analysis of subjective status insecurity
Jessica Ordemann,
Holger Lengfeld

abstract | PDF, 129.81 KB
presentation | PDF, 0.56 MB

Working-time Mismatch and Mental Health

Steffen Otterbach, Mark Wooden, Yin-King Fok

abstract | PDF, 29.35 KB

The Impact of Subjective Well-Being on
Fertility across Societies: Universal or
Letizia Mencarini, Daniele Vignoli, Tugba Zeydanli

abstract | PDF, 138.05 KB

The Transmission of Trust through Generations

Sara Tonini

abstract | PDF, 81.5 KB

Social Inequality in Well-Being over the Life Course

Fabian Kratz, Gerrit Bauer,  Josef Brüderl

abstract | PDF, 114.1 KB

Education, Taxes, Life-Course Smoking Behavior, Self-reported Health, and Satisfaction with Life: A Cross-country Comparison
Dean R. Lillard, Laura Fumagalli

abstract | PDF, 150.27 KB

Retirement, intergenerational time transfers, and fertility

Peter Eibich, Thomas Siedler

abstract | PDF, 222.39 KB

Happily ever after or future break-up? – The effect of personality congruence and constellations on relationship satisfaction and stability
Elisabeth Hahn, Juliana Gottschling, Felix Schönbrodt, Beatrice Rammstedt, Frank M. Spinath

abstract | PDF, 81.01 KB

Reference Income Effects in the Determination of Equivalence Scales Using Income Satisfaction Data

Melanie Borah, Andreas Knabe, Carina Kuhställer

abstract | PDF, 8.08 KB

Increasing life expectancy and life satisfaction: Are longer lives
worth it?

Janina Nemitz

abstract | PDF, 86.84 KB


The link between personality and fertility - is it different for males and females?

Christian Schmitt, C. Katharina Spieß

abstract | PDF, 42.46 KB

Unfairness Perceptions at Work

Marta Barazzetta, Andrew E. Clark, Conchita D'Ambrosio

abstract | PDF, 264.57 KB

What effect has economic decline on life satisfaction? A longitudinal perspective

Damaris Rose

abstract | PDF, 222.73 KB

The Impact of Self-Managed Working Time on Health and Work-related Stress – Microeconometric Evidence
Istvan Hegedüs

abstract | PDF, 26.75 KB

11:30 - 11:45 Coffee Break

11:45 - 13:00

Plenary Session III: Social Inequalities (Room: A 300)

Keynote Speech II: Education and Social Mobility
Richard Breen (University of Oxford, UK)

13:00 - 14:15  Lunch (WZB staff restaurant)

nach oben

Thursday June 23, 2016 (afternoon)

Venue: Berlin Social Science Center (WZB)

14:15 - 16:15 Parallel Sessions
Parallel S13
Child Care
Parallel S14
Health II
Parallel S15
Employment III

Chair: C. Katharina Spieß (FU Berlin and DIW Berlin)

Chair: Carsten Schröder (FU Berlin and SOEP/DIW Berlin)

Chair: Maria Metzing (SOEP/DIW Berlin)

Room: A 310

Room: B 002/003

Room: B 004/005

Parental socioeconomic status and the quality of early childhood education and care: Evidence from Germany
Juliane F. Stahl, Pia S. Schober, C. Katharina Spieß

abstract | PDF, 84.99 KB

How Health Plan Enrollees Value Prices Relative to Supplemental Benefits and Service Quality

Nicolas R. Ziebarth

abstract | PDF, 211.31 KB

paper | PDF, 282.55 KB

The Impact of Private and Public Childcare Provision on The Distribution of Children's Incomes in Germany

Maximilian Stockhausen

| PDF, 44.83 KB
paper (work in progress) | PDF, 1.02 MB

Parental time for child care – An econometric analysis of German time use data with the Socio-Economic Panel

Normen Peters

abstract | PDF, 13.97 KB

Spousal Influence in Risk Preference and Health

Mingming Ma

abstract | PDF, 8.43 KB

The Use of Growth Mixture Modeling for Studying Resilience to Major Life Events: Application to Spousal Loss, Divorce, and Unemployment in the SOEP
Frank J. Infurna, Kevin J. Grimm

abstract | PDF, 11.15 KB

Public childcare expansion and mothers' return to work behaviour – Evidence from a quasi-experiment in Germany

Irina Hondralis and Gundula Zoch

abstract | PDF, 118.2 KB

Unlucky to Be Young? The Long-Run Effects of School Starting Age on Smoking Behavior and Health

Michael Bahrs and Mathias Schumann

abstract | PDF, 65.28 KB

Stepping Stones, Dead Ends and Paths of Dualization: Non-Standard Employment on Labor Market Integration and Economic Independence in Germany
Ramsey Wise

| PDF, 69.49 KB
paper | PDF, 274.34 KB

Information Asymmetries Between Parents and Educators in German Day Care Centers
Georg Camehl, Pia S. Schober, C. Katharina Spiess

abstract | PDF, 12.54 KB

Smoking Bans and Political Outcomes: Evidence from a Natural Experiment
Cornelia Struewing

abstract | PDF, 77.62 KB

Care and work: How do middle-aged women combine paid employment and unpaid caregiving of varying intensity?
Nadiya Kelle

abstract | PDF, 150.94 KB

Job Loss and Changes in Personality – Evidence from Germany

Frauke Peter, Silke Anger, Georg Camehl

abstract | PDF, 38.98 KB

Informal Care and Long-term Labor Market Outcomes
Hendrik Schmitz and Matthias Westphal

abstract | PDF, 21.47 KB

16:15 Coffee Break


Poster Session II - 9 Poster Presentations (Room: A 305)

Chair: Reinhard Pollak (FU Berlin and Berlin Social Science Center WZB)

Franziska Tausch and Maria Zumbuehl
Stability of risk attitudes and media coverage of economic news (abstract | PDF, 173.82 KB and poster | PDF, 355.43 KB )

Marion Fischer-Neumann
Bridge or Barrier? Religion and Immigrants’ Commitment to Democracy (abstract | PDF, 268.71 KB and poster | PDF, 283.94 KB )

Olga Griaznova
Adaptation of Redistribution Preferences or Cultural Resistance. A Study of Migrants in Germany (abstract | PDF, 79.38 KB )

Claudia Boscher, Laura Arnold, Andreas Lange, and Bertram Szagun
Gender specific effects of perceived income injustice on stress-related diseases (abstract | PDF, 0.56 MB and poster | PDF, 0.62 MB )

Katja Görlitz and Marcus Tamm
Parenthood, risk attitudes and occupational sorting (abstract | PDF, 153.02 KB )

Marten von Werder
Bequests and Gifts: How do They Shape the Wealth Distribution? (abstract | PDF, 127.27 KB )

Philipp Poppitz
Can Subjective Data Improve Inequality Measurement? An Index of Relative Inequality (abstract | PDF, 220.98 KB and poster | PDF, 1.43 MB )

Fatma Usheva
The Effect of Citizenship on Savings and Wealth Accumulation of Migrants: Evidence from Germany (abstract | PDF, 37.94 KB )

Stefanie P. Herber and Michael Kalinowski
Non-take-up of Student Financial Aid: A Microsimulation for Germany (abstract | PDF, 252.77 KB and poster)


Closing Plenary Session (Room: A 300)

Award Ceremony:

  • Felix Büchel Award 2016 (sponsored by the Society of Friends of DIW Berlin - VdF)
  • Joachim R. Frick Memorial Prize 2016 for the best papers and best poster (sponsored by the Society of Friends of DIW Berlin - VdF)
  • Goodbye
19:30 Farewell Dinner

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