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Livestream: BCCP Conference and Policy Forum 2017

Report of May 30, 2017

Algorithms and online platforms – how much governmental intervention do we need?

The German Federal Cartel Office has initiated competition proceedings against Facebook, the EU commission is investigating Google, and the EU courts are assessing the legal treatment and possible regulation of the online platform Uber. The potential for the development of market power and its abuse in dynamic digital markets on the one hand is opposed by the large efficiency gains of many digital business models on the other. Calls for governmental intervention through regulation or competition authorities are plentiful but the social welfare effects of digitalization and its resulting new products and markets are yet insufficiently quantified and discussed. Who benefits most from the intensifying use of large-scale data and information technologies that allow for fast customization of products, services, and prices? Consumers? Large incumbent firms and conglomerates? Innovative start-ups? Is there need for action by regulation authorities and what are the largest challenges for politicians?

At this BCCP Conference on “Regulatory Challenges in Digital Markets: Algorithms and Platform Competition“, we will discuss these and further questions, among others, with Catherine Tucker (MIT), Arun Sundararajan (New York University), Michael Baye (Indiana University), Maurice Stucke (University of Tennessee), Konrad Ost (Bundeskartellamt), Andrea Coscelli (UK Competition and Markets Authority) and Christian d’Cunha (European Data Protection Supervisor).

Follow the event in our livestream. The event language is English.