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January 16, 2018


Release of the World Inequality Report 2018


January 16, 2018
3.00 pm - 4.30 pm


Schumpeter Hall
Mohrenstr. 58
10117 Berlin


Charlotte Bartels is a postdoctoral researcher at DIW Berlin/SOEP. Her research is in the fields of empirical public and labor economics, in particular, the distribution of income and wealth in a long-run perspective. Lucas Chancel is codirector of the World Inequality Lab and of the World Wealth and Income Database ( at the Paris School of Economics. He is also a Lecturer at Sciences Po and general coordinator of the World Inequality Report 2018. Hartmut Kaelble is a senior professor of social history at the Department of Economic and Social History at Humboldt University, Berlin. His most recent book is “Mehr Reichtum, mehr Armut” (More Wealth, more poverty) (campus 2017). He has published widely on inequality, social mobility and comparative history of Europe. Welcome address by: Prof. Dr. Stefan Liebig | DIW Berlin

The DIW Berlin is happy to invite you to join the presentation of the first release of the World Inequality Report conducted by the internationally leading inequality experts centered around Thomas Piketty and Gabriel Zucman.

Economic inequality is widespread and has been growing since the 1980s questioning economic growth policies over the world. The report will be introduced by its general director Lucas Chancel. Thereafter, Charlotte Bartels will present her findings on the evolution of economic inequality in Germany from 1871 to 2013, summarized in the German chapter in the World Inequality Report. Albeit the big political and economic changes affecting Germany over the past 150 years, inequality remained surprisingly stable. In a podium discussion, Lucas Chancel, Charlotte Bartels, and Hartmut Kaelble will discuss long-term implications of rising inequality for the world and Germany.

Please find here the executive summary of the World Inequality Report 2018