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Society of Friends at DIW Berlin (VdF)

The Society of Friends of DIW Berlin (VdF) has provided both financial and ideological support to DIW Berlin since 1951. Its objectives include developing partnerships with national and international enterprises and establishing cooperation between researchers and entrepreneurs. Members of the Society of Friends represent companies from all industry and service sector branches as well as the main business associations. Society members regularly communicate with DIW Berlin employees, providing ample opportunity to maintain informal networks. Members of the Society of Friends also attend the Berlin Lunchtime Meetings and the Industrial Conference (Industrietagung).

Companies from all industries and service sectors as well as the most significant employers’ associations are represented in the Society of Friends of DIW Berlin (VdF). The regular and exclusive exchange between the members and DIW Berlin and among the members themselves offers many opportunities to make new contacts and maintain informal networks.

You may apply for membership, which is determined by the Executive Board.

The scientific quality and the political topicality of our research results and advisory services are of vital importance to German and European science, economics, and politics. With your financial support, you secure our research and your supply of independent, current information.

Please contact our VdF office for details concerning membership fees.

There are many benefits to being a member of the Society of Friends of DIW Berlin:

Wochenbericht and Weekly Report  

VdF members receive a free, advance link to the weekly German-language Wochenbericht. The Wochenbericht keeps you up to date on current research findings in economics at DIW Berlin. As a VdF member, you receive the Wochenbericht link via email one day before it is published. You can receive the English-language version, the Weekly Report, upon request.

DIW Quarterly

The DIW Quarterly newsletter keeps you up to date on DIW Berlin’s publications, research findings, events, and VdF news.


Various events—such as the Industrial Conference (DIW Industrietagung), Berlin Lunchtime Meetings, and VdF member meetings—offer VdF members the possibility to learn about current research findings and exchange ideas in an exclusive group.

DIW Berlin employees are happy to assist VdF members if needed, such as when searching for publications.


President’s Dinner
The President’s Dinner offers you the possibility to engage in discussions with an exclusive group of DIW Berlin benefactors and prominent guests two to three times per year. Once a year, the president of DIW Berlin, Prof. Marcel Fratzscher, PhD, reports on the newest research findings and debates at the Institute. Once or twice a year, special guests are invited to give a keynote lecture on current economic policy topics.

Exclusive Meetings
DIW Berlin offers sustaining members of the VdF the opportunity to schedule exclusive meetings, such as a working lunch or dinner, with guests and/or speakers at DIW Berlin.

Access to DIW Berlin’s Scientific Network
DIW Berlin connects sustaining members with its international contacts in the scientific community.

Personal Consultations
DIW Berlin staff are happy provide personal consultations to sustaining members. The VdF office is responsible for coordination.

Christian Kloevekorn

Vice Chairman
Paul Jörg Feldhoff

Board Member
Dr. Michael Wolgast

Board Member
Stefanie Salata

Board Member
Dr. Christian Schede

Managing Director
Dr. Denise Rüttinger,
Managing Director of DIW Berlin