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SOEP Survey Committee

The SOEP Survey Committee advises the SOEP on survey development and service provision. It consists of up to ten scholars who are appointed by the DIW Board of Trustees.

Since 2009, the SOEP has been evaluated regularly by the DIW Berlin Scientific Advisory Board. The focus of these evaluations is on the quality of research conducted by the SOEP team.

Melissa A. Hardy (2016-2021)

Uwe Sunde (2015-2021)

Lucinda Platt (2015-2021)

Susann Rohwedder (2015-2020)

Arthur van Soest (2016-2019)

Jutta Heckhausen (2013-2019)

Dalton Conley (2013-2019)

Bärbel-Maria Kurth (2012-2017)

Simon Gächter (2010-2016)

Rainer Winkelmann (2010-2016)

Guillermina Jasso (2010-2015)

Peter Lynn (2010-2015)

Janet Gornick (2010-2014)

James Heckman (2010-2014)

Karin Gottschall (2010-2013)

The SOEP has had its own advisory board since its inception. Up to 2004, the board was appointed jointly by DIW Berlin and the German Research Association (DFG). Its task was to advise the SOEP on survey development, service provision, and research. The SOEP Advisory Board was funded as a DFG project and included renowned scholars as well as representatives of the funding bodies. Working together in a constructive and fruitful way, they played a key role in the success of the SOEP as one of the leading household panels worldwide.

In 2006, the SOEP Advisory Board became a subcommittee of the DIW Scientific Advisory Board tasked with advising and evaluating the SOEP. This decision was made by the DIW Berlin Executive Board following recommendations from the Leibniz Association Evaluation Group and a November 2005 decision by the DIW Berlin Board of Trustees. Due to the SOEP’s interdisciplinary character, three extra members were appointed to this subcommittee.

A November 2007 decision by the DIW Berlin Board of Trustees changed this structure and established the SOEP Survey Committee.

The SOEP infrastructure’s performance in scientific research is evaluated by the DIW Berlin Scientific Advisory Board.

All members of the SOEP Advisory Board 1983 – 2007 (published in: Schupp, J. / Spieß, K.C. / Wagner, G.G. (2008): Die verhaltenswissenschaftliche Weiterentwicklung des Erhebungsprogramms des SOEP. Vierteljahrshefte zur Wirtschaftsforschung, Vol. 77, No. 3, Annex 1. DOI: 10.3790/vjh.77.3.63).