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New DFG project: SOEP researchers study the role of health in refugees’ integration

Report of September 24, 2019

How do refugees differ from other population groups with respect to health? And how are health inequalities between refugees and others related to living conditions and the health care system? These research questions will guide the project “Refugee Migration to Germany: A Magnifying Glass for Broader Public Health Challenges” (PH-LENS), which started work on October 1, 2019, for an initial period of three years. Jürgen Schupp, Vice-Director of the SOEP, and Hannes Kröger, Post-Doc at the SOEP will be working in PH-LENS on the subproject “Longitudinal Aspects of the Interaction between Health and Integration of Refugees in Germany” (LARGE). Their research will focus on developing a set of indicators of refugees’ physical and mental health based on data from the IAB-BAMF-SOEP Survey of Refugees, and studying what role these indicators play over time in refugees’ integration into German society.

The Joint Committee of the German Research Foundation (DFG) approved funding for the project in July 2019 at the recommendation of the DFG Senate. Initial funding will be 425,436 euros.

Press release on the newly approved DFG research units:

PH-LENS with all sub projects in the DFG list of projects

Topics: Health , Migration