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Non-probability Internet Surveys

Completed Project

Project Management

Sabine Zinn

Project Period

September 1, 2019 - March 31, 2023

Commissioned by

Civey GmbH

In Cooperation With

Civey GmbH

This joint project aims to compare the scientific advantages and disadvantages of “traditional” survey methods used by the SOEP and the innovative web-based sampling methods used by Civey and to identify potential research synergies resulting from combinations of the two approaches. On the one hand, Civey’s web-based approach is likely to offer access to population groups that SOEP is currently unable to reach. On the other hand, SOEP offers the possibility to extrapolate individual characteristics from non-probability samples like those of Civey to the larger population. To achieve its aims, the project will develop innovative survey statistical methodologies based on diverse methods of survey methodological research. The project’s outcomes will be presented in a coherent, comprehensible way for the research community and the public at large.

DIW Team