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SOEP-IS: Call for Submissions

News of March 21, 2023

The SOEP Innovation Sample (SOEP-IS) is designed to enable innovative data collection for the research community. It is particularly well suited to establishing new and target-group-specific measurement instruments in long-term surveys, to conducting short- and long-term experiments, and to collecting non-survey data (such as biomarkers).

Researchers who are interested in submitting a proposal for data collection in 2024 should keep the following deadlines in mind: The call for submissions is already open, and if you would like to submit a proposal, you should send an informal expression of interest to by May 31, 2023. If a project is determined to be feasible from a survey methodology perspective, the official submission procedure will follow. The template for proposals must be completed and submitted by June 30, 2023. Data will usually be collected between March and June of the following year.  More information can be found here.

If you’re interested in the datasets that are already available, contact the SOEP Research Data Center. To find out what modules have been included in previous SOEP-IS surveys, see the SOEP-IS Companion.

We look forward to many exciting proposals from the research community!

Carina Cornesse
Carina Cornesse

Head of SOEP Innovation Sample & Social Cohesion Panel in the German Socio-Economic Panel study Department