Economic Bulletin , News of 29 November 2017

Nuclear power unnecessary for climate protection – there are more cost-efficient alternatives

Marabu / Pixabay (Copyright)  Atomkraft AKW Energiewende
Copyright: Marabu / Pixabay

The world needs to continue working to protect the climate – this is generally undisputed. However, there is no agreement on which technologies should be used to decarbonize the energy sector. Many international scenarios still assume a relevant role for nuclear power in the future. However, a study by the German Institute for Economic Research shows that the Paris climate protection target – limiting global warming to below two degrees – can be achieved inexpensively without nuclear power. The results of a global energy system model indicate that no new nuclear power plants have to be built in order to meet the global climate target. It would be cheaper to use a combination of renewable energy and energy storage systems.

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