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"Public Service Fund Could Ensure Access to the Provisions of Nuclear Power Plant Operators." Six Questions to Claudia Kemfert

Interview of June 5, 2015

Ms. Kemfert, the commercial use of nuclear power in Germany is scheduled to be eliminated by 2022. Will the power supply still be reliable after the shutdown of the nuclear power plants?

Yes, the power supply will still be reliable after shutdown of the nuclear power plants. In fact we currently have an electricity supply surplus, and even after the impending shutdown of Grafenrheinfeld’s nuclear power plant, this surplus is not going to decrease very much. Using model simulations, we have calculated that we will still have sufficient electricity capacities after 2022. In fact, we will still be an net exporter of electricity.[...]

The full interview with Claudia Kemfert is published in DIW Economic Bulletin 22/2015. It is available for download as pdf document.

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