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"I Find the Term "Quota Woman" Unobjective": Eight Questions to Norma Schmitt

Interview of October 1, 2015

Dr. Schmitt, as of 2016, there will be a gender quota in Germany. What will this consist of?  

The legislation envisages a fixed gender quota for listed companies that also have employee representation on their supervisory boards, in other words, are subject to full codetermination. These companies must meet a 30 percent gender quota on their supervisory boards. However, there are also some companies that only meet one of these two criteria — they are either listed or subject to codetermination. These companies have to set themselves flexible but autonomous target quotas for both their supervisory and executive boards. [...]

The interview with Norma Schmitt is published in DIW Economic Bulletin 40/2015. (PDF, 127.45 KB)

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